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Are you looking for work as a Virtual Assistant?

If you have:

  • a knack for organization
  • confidence
  • the ability to handle stress while keeping your cool
  • administrative experience
  • a love for research
  • a burning desire to learn new skills
  • a heart to serve entrepreneurs and busy executives
  • a high-speed internet connection
  • a smartphone
  • a can-do attitude
then you would be a Rock Star Virtual Assistant!

Have you dreamed of owning your own virtual assistant business?

Some women work at an outside job putting in long hours, enduring a commute, spending money on business clothes, gas and lunches out.  They long to have a more flexible schedule and be there when their kids need them.

Some women are stay-at-home moms and love being at home, but long to bring in more income to support their family.

Some women don’t have corporate dreams and college aspirations and really want to be a stay at home mom someday.  They don’t want to invest thousands of dollars in a degree that they probably won’t use, but they want to do something productive with their skills that they can call their own.

Do you relate to any of these situations?

If so, you’d be the perfect candidate to start a virtual assistant business that allows you to call the shots while helping others and making money.

If you are determined to succeed and possess some of the skills listed above, you really CAN start making money from home! Freelancing women usually make MORE money than traditional office workers, while working less.  Whether you want to be a generalist virtual assistant, a copywriter, or social media maven, you can do this!I’m excited to be able to mentor you in starting your own virtual business!

If you are ready to start living a flexible lifestyle, one that fits with your families priorities and schedule, I’m now offering one on one coaching packages to help.

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