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Looking to escape the rat race, and go it alone by setting up your own business? Working for yourself comes with so many benefits, possibly the greatest thing is being able to decide your own fate. You’re in control and you get to make the decisions, which can be incredibly freeing after spending years taking orders from others. However too many decisions can be confusing, and right from the get-go you might be wondering what to even make your business about. Here are some ideas to consider.

A business based on your previous work career

If you’ve spent a huge chunk of your life working in a particular career, building up skills and experience then it makes sense to start a business in this area. Many people start their own business because they dislike their job, but it’s not the case for everyone. You might have been passionate about what you did, but just didn’t like the way things were run, craved more flexibility or wanted to earn more money which going alone would allow you to do. Whether you worked as a beautician, construction worker, accountant or anything in between- it’s very possible that you could branch off and go it alone and set up your own venture in that area. When you’ve spent years working for a company and know how things are done and have the right connections and contacts then you’re already ahead. Chances are you know how to avoid mistakes that the company you worked for made in the past and are able to avoid them in your own business.


A business based on your skills or passions

If you have a skill or hobby you’re passionate about, this makes another great starting point for a business. It could be anything from writing to art to music, there are plenty of ways to monetize these kinds of skills these days. Since it’s something you genuinely love to do you have plenty of drive and motivation and let’s face it, earning money doing something you love is pretty much the dream. You could be tutoring people to play the guitar or designing art prints. You could be writing articles for websites or even publishing your own e-books. If you have an interest in a particular area such as clothing, makeup, sports or health you could set up an online business buying and selling related items for a profit.

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A business that can genuinely help the world or others

If you’re unsure which direction to take your business in, why not consider something that genuinely helps the world or the people in it? It could be based around recycling or protecting the earth’s resources such as OWS oil water separators technology. You could set up volunteering efforts, or develop software or products that would help people with specific health conditions. You could set up your own health clinic or online pharmacy, you don’t necessarily need to be a qualified doctor or pharmacist to do this, as you can employ those that are. Taking steps to make the world a better place means you can earn money and go home each day knowing you made a difference.