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There are many ways to begin earning income with online courses. You can set them up on your own website, as a paid email course, or on a special website that promotes courses like Udemy. However you choose to do it, there is a lot of money to be made with online courses. You can earn money from a course directly, or you can make money on the back end (or both). Let’s look at some of the different ways to earn money with online courses.

Paid Course

You can earn money directly with a paid course. Many set up their courses on membership course platforms such as ClickFunnels, which also has landing page and autoresponder capabilities. Don’t want to build out the pages yourself but rather have someone else host your course? Check out Udemy.

Free Course

You can still earn money with a free course. By giving your audience a short free course via email, or in a membership on your website, you can use the course to build your email list. You can then promote other things to them via the course and the email list. For example, in each email that you send about the course, you can include a link to your paid courses.


Remember that for any page on your site (such as the page where you send people to collect the next free module of your course), you can put recommended products that match things that your audience will need if they are to become successful at whatever you are promoting through your course.


All Three

You can earn income through all three methods if you want to. It doesn’t matter if a paid course is delivered or not; you can still add complementary products to the delivery page, or via an email newsletter that the students sign up to receive.

Peripheral Items

For example, if you are selling a course about how to write and sell a book on Kindle, you can promote services related to the venture, such as contractors who will do the work for them. You can also promote software that helps them or peripheral products that they may be interested in and make affiliate income from that.

Future Courses

A series of courses are an excellent way to earn more money through online courses. This works very well if the first course is free, then to learn more, they have to pay for the upgraded future course.

You can always make money with courses. You just have to think about what your audience needs outside of the course, and you can promote those things to them through a Facebook group or forum. Earning income from online courses is quite passive once you do the upfront work. You can build out extra modules and tweak as technology advances to keep your students up to date.