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Right now it is a talent tight market which means employers have to do all that they can to entice employees to work for them. What is the best way to do that is with excellent benefits. Do you remember being an employee and working for somebody else? What made you feel motivated to be productive and efficient in your role? 


Looking within yourself can help you to determine which benefits you should be offering your team to make you happy, whether you are hoping to be able to offer paid employee travel so that they can get to work on time or two destinations that you send them to, or you’d like to offer them free breakfast. It doesn’t matter what the benefits are, but you need to look at what you can offer your team to make sure that working for you feels good. Here are five benefits that you could consider offering to your employees.

  • Better health benefits. Let’s be honest, the health in this country is abysmal. Knowing that you are providing good health insurance – or even dental benefits – to your employees should make you feel like you are doing something to alleviate the living expenses at a time where the cost of living is at its highest. Good health benefits are one of the most sought after benefits for employees, so you will have a loyal staff when you offer them.
  • Retirement benefits. This can help your employees to feel comfortable that they have a safety net at the end of their tenure with you as an employer. It’s also a retirement solution that enables them to enjoy life after ending their careers. Retirement benefits also allow individuals to live sustained comfortable lives. There are plenty of programs out there to choose from, so do some research and figure out which ones would be best suited to your business and your staff.
  • Flexibility. Did you know that remote working and flexible hours are the number one benefits sought after by people? It’s not easy to take time off without pay because this is a financial strain. If you want to ensure that you have better workplace flexibility, you should make sure that your employees are comfortable with it in the first place. Stress over money really does take a toll, so don’t make your employees take time off unpaid just to go to appointments.
  • A wellness program. Are you offering benefits that pertain to employee wellness? That could include company gym memberships or exercise classes or even smoking cessation. If you offer wellness programs, your team is going to know that you actually do care about them and their health and well-being and that can mean more to your employees and anything else.
  • Tuition support. Employees are in body a balance of work experience as well as education will have better success financially if you offer tuition reimbursement. Take a look into local programs to see which ones would suit your business the best.