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If 2020 has been anything, it’s been a learning experience. We’ve learned that our jobs were not as secure as we once thought and that working from home isn’t always as appealing as we think. Still, we’ve learned to adapt, and that’s the main thing. With the pandemic set to continue well into the middle of 2021, temporary work situations and work-from-home options will continue to be in-demand. Luckily, many good situations exist online, including writing, designing, consulting, and programming. If you are considering your options, here are some ideas to think about. 

Content Writer

The internet has gone mad for content in recent times; that’s because it’s by far the best way to spread ideas and market brands and businesses. If you have some writing experience, such as blogging skills or article writing skills, you can find work as a content producer online. You will be tasked with creating blog posts for advertising, website copy, promotional copy, and much more. You can choose to work for an agency or freelance on sites like Fiverr.com.  

Graphic Designer 

You don’t have to be an expert graphic designer to earn a living from it in 2021. If you are familiar with professional software and able to create high-quality brand logos, you’re in with a shout in the gig economy. Of course, many agencies will require full graphic design degrees and excellent industry experience, but you don’t need this if you set up your own solo enterprise. Go onto websites like Fiverr.com, DesignCrowd, and Behance, to look for jobs. 

Online Consultant 

Do you have a specialist skill that you’ve obtained in the course of your career? It might be small business skills, communication skills, teaching skills, writing skills, or a musical ability. If you were thinking that you would never use these skills again, you might be mistaken. There is a surprisingly big market online for consultants of all kinds to ply their trades. Again, you can choose between working freelance or finding a suitable agency.

Customer Service Operator

If you have lost your job or income due to the pandemic but also have excellent communication skills, then customer service roles working from home are in plentiful supply. If you need help with your finances, check Pigly.Com. AI has taken control of some aspect of customer services, but humans are still required for the most part. These agents will require a quiet work-from-home office, a steady and reliable Internet connection, and a decent headset. It doesn’t always pay a high wage but is a useful stop-gap until things get back to normal. 


Do you have mad programming skills? Or do you want to learn them? There are loads of opportunities online for coders, and that’s likely to grow in 2021. Designing apps, games, and websites, coders can also get paid to teach coding to newbies so they can earn a living too. With so much automation coming down the line, coders are expected to be in-demand for many years to come. You can find coding jobs on websites like WeWorkRemotely, SkillCrush, Upwork, College grad, and Freelancer.