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I don’t know about you, but I always like to know I’m getting the most cash back possible and the lowest price when shopping online.

When working from home, the ability to shop online beats cutting coupons and making special trips to the store. Plus, you’re saving on gas. Sure, it may take an extra few minutes, but with these sites, you’ll save yourself money AND time (no more searching for the elusive coupon code that actually works) and get more cash back than you thought possible.

There are several products, sites, and browser extensions that when combined, will ensure you’ve got the best deal.

Topcashback.com allows you to search for your store or product and get the most cash back (payable in cash or Amazon gift cards with a 3% bonus when redeeming) I started using Topcashback last year and just this year alone, I’ve received $246.00 in cash back, ON TOP OF the other methods I list below.

Honey Extension goes right into your browser and searches the net for any coupons codes and applies them automatically to your cart.  No more searching the web for “coupon code” only to find that they don’t work.  Honey looks for all discounts, free shipping offers and more!

Peribus.co checks your emails for any online purchases and keeps track of prices.  Did you know that prices fluctuate frequently online?  If the price of a previous purchase drops, Peribus will flag that item and you can get the difference back!  No more going through the hassle of returning something or buying elsewhere OR feeling frustrated that you overpaid.

Cashback credit cards have come a long way and if you make sure you pay your balance in full every month, they are a great tool for putting money back into your bank account.  My favorite ia the American Express card that gives 6% back on supermarket purchases!  Email me with the subject American Express for the details on that super saver card.

When I found out that Aldi was accepting credit cards, this has been a great money saver. Also, if you have a local supermarket that gives fuel points for purchases, purchase your gift cards there with your American Express card, use online with the other services I’ve listed and you’d be shocked at how much you can save and get free tanks of gas!

Jet.com which scours the web for the lowest prices and lowers the price when you buy more.  They usually offer discounts for signing up and periodic extra bonuses throughout the year.  As you add more products, the prices drop for each item.

Gift Cards bought used through Cardpool or at a fuel points grocery store or gas station.  Sometimes you can find a deeply discounted gift card (up to 30% off of face value) and then use that to shop online with the other services that automatically check for lower prices and coupon codes.

Receipt Hog will give you points for snapping pictures of your receipts (to ANYWHERE, not just grocery stores) and once you hit 1000 points, cash in for $5.  2000 points gets you $10, etc.  There are also bonus surveys you can take through the app that add points to your account.  I’ve noticed this is the equivalent of about 1% in cash back, but every percentage point helps and it’s probably more than your bank is giving you in interest!

You can also check out my post on the Top 5 Grocery Apps That Pay You Back for more money saving opportunities.

What about you?  Do you have any extra tips for saving money when shopping online?  How do you stretch your dollars?  I’d love to hear from you!