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There are many projects when different departments need to work together. People from one department need to know what’s happening in another department so that they can all play their part. For example, the marketing department might need to know what’s happening in the sales department. It’s not always easy to get departments working together, especially when they do very different things and might even have a hard time understanding what the other department is doing. To get different departments working together, you need to find ways to help everyone communicate and collaborate so that they can bring their work together.


Use the Right Tools


The right tools are a must if you want to facilitate different departments working together. They may need to be able to communicate with each other, share work, and even work on the same documents or materials at the same time. You may need to provide different teams with access to a collaborative CRM tool, allow them to share various creative tools, or integrate different tools into productivity software. Thinking about how different tools work together and integrate with each other may be necessary to get everyone working together even when they’re not using exactly the same software.

Encourage Empathy and Understanding


Getting different departments to understand each other is key if you want them to work well together. When they understand each other’s work and the challenges that they face, they can have more empathy for each other. Without any understanding of other departments, there can be frustration, miscommunication, and other problems due to not knowing what other teams are up against. When you help different teams to learn about each other’s work, they can be kinder towards each other and work together more smoothly. They might even help each other to work better.


Bridge the Language Gap


Different departments can vary in the language that they use. Trying to get past all of the jargon can be difficult when not everyone understands various technical terms that are being thrown around. To improve communication and bridge the language gap, teams should agree to use more neutral language that everyone can understand. Alternatively, everyone could get a crash course in key words and phrases to improve understanding. Developing a common language between departments will ensure there are fewer miscommunications and that everyone can work together, saving time and reducing the number of misunderstandings.


Share Progress and Updates


Keeping everyone up to date on what’s happening is crucial for any project or task where multiple departments are working together. Regularly sharing updates and progress will keep everyone in the loop. This might happen through a daily, weekly, or monthly meeting to give each department an opportunity to talk about what they have been doing. It could also involve acknowledging wins and when someone has done some good work so that everyone can celebrate together.


Bringing different departments together to work alongside each other can be difficult. If you want it to go smoothly, you need to give people the right tools to work together.