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To all of my work from home friends out there, I wanted to share a great money making opportunity for mommy bloggers!

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When my daughters were younger, I hardly ever bought NEW clothes for them (hello, they grew so fast and made a mess of everything), but when I did, I’d go with Gymboree.  I’d a few new nice dresses, spring and/or summer shoes (hard to find in good shape at thrift stores), swimsuits and other holiday gear.

Sometimes I’d throw in a few accessories like sunglasses that inevitably get broken or lost.  Gymboree is one of my favorite sites to shop on.  They have really high quality, classic clothes and their promotions and sales have been great lately!  They also run gymbucks deals a lot.  I once got over $400 worth of clothing at Christmas for just under $60 from Gymboree.  If you don’t use your gymbucks, you can sell them on eBay and get cash!

Gymboree’s affiliate program offers a generous commision and wonderful sponsored opportunities for bloggers.

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