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Thinking of starting your own business this year? 


Sure, it might not be the ideal time to think about building an empire while the world is at a standstill, but while you have time on your hands you may be able to come up with a plan. 


Building a business off the ground is hard and it takes a lot of strategy as well as quick thinking. From budgeting to Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, running a successful business can be hard and it is important for you to use expert tips to help you make the right decisions. 


Today we are going to take a look at some simple tips for building a great business for yourself this year. 


Save money 


The whole aim of a business is to make money, and in order to make a profit you must spend less than you earn. To create a successful business you need to save money any way possible, and there are some simple ways you can do this: 


  • Procure cheaper products 
  • Manufacturer overseas 
  • Work remotely 
  • Use free online tools 


All of these things and more can make a huge difference to your outgoing and incoming money. 


Focus on leads


When building a marketing and sales strategy a lot of companies make the mistake of only focusing on the end goal: sale. However, to create sales in the first place you need to generate leads. Leads are people who are interested in your product and either interact with you directly, sign up to your website, or join your social media communities. Leads are the foundation of a good business and the more leads you have, the more chance you have of sales and loyal customers. Don’t just focus on quick sales, build a foundation of leads. 

Solve a problem 


When you come to market for your product or service, the best approach to take is to solve a problem. If you are selling floor cleaning wipes: you should be marketing your product as a solution to messy mopping and dirty floors. By solving a problem that the customer has and providing a helpful solution, you are more likely to gain sales and loyal customers. 

Consider price 


Pricing a product or service is like a double edged sword: you don’t want to over charge but you also don’t want to undercharge. You have to find a balance between your own profit margin and competitiveness. It is important when looking to price your products or services that you find other competitors and assess their pricing, but also stay true to your business model and choose a price you can afford to sell it at. Be sure of yourself when pricing and don’t undersell yourself. 

Think like a customer 


Too many businesses consider their own products and services and shove their ideas in the customers face without truly understanding what is important. When creating a product or service and marketing it, think about the customer. If you were a customer in need, what would you want? What would you like to see? What content would make you buy the product? Always think on the side of a customer if you are to succeed.