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The king is dead, long live the king. The way businesses have adapted to advancements in technology in recent times is as impressive as it is fickle. Today, almost every piece of tech which was once a staple in the office has been replaced. Now, it’s about social media marketing and Google Analytics over faxes and phone calls. However, the retro equipment might be increasingly unpopular but it still has a part to play in the success of your business, and a phone is a perfect example.


Here are four undeniable benefits of a business phone in 2019.




As soon as the caller sees the area code, they can tell whether the company is local or international. The former is useful because small businesses are seen as more trustworthy. After all, they’re not faceless corporations that put you on hold while counting their profits. What’s great about a phone number is that you don’t need to be in the area to have one. Digital services provide a virtual number to give the impression that you’re a local. From there, you can put it on your website, business cards and anything else you use to promote the brand.




To make a single conversion, you need to make at least five calls according to a recent Marketing Donut survey. Unfortunately, 50% of sales reps give up after a single try and don’t bother following up their leads. With a phone and the right scripts, you can go back to the well and convince unqualified leads you’re the right option. By getting the awkward stuff out of the way early and relentlessly moving forward, you can make waves. Also, leaning on your CRM will allow you to log interactions and refer back to them beforehand to avoid unnecessary errors.





Some queries are made for emails and direct messages on social media. They’re not too urgent and you have time to get back to the sender; plus, it’s easier for the customer than being put on hold. Of course, some things are urgent and need addressing straight away. What if there is a mistake with an order and they need to cancel it within 30-minutes? A phone line means they can get in touch instantly and rectify the error. Also, it provides your base with peace of mind as they know the brand is contactable and that they have a safety net.




Small businesses should find that a memorable number will stick in their bases’ heads. Once they can recall it without needing to look it up, the number will act as a marketing tool that brings in more business. A customer, for example, will call the first taxi number that pops into their head because they need one ASAP. The same goes for a restaurant or a food joint that offers takeout. Cell phones log contact details yet people are impatient, which is when they rely on their memory.


As far as business assets go, a humble phone is still a powerful tool.