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If you want to be in the professional world of music then you are going to need to pay attention to some of the people who have made a career out of it before you. The music industry is not for the fainthearted and ideally, you do need to have a certain amount of entrepreneurial skills to prosper when it comes to thinking like a musician, creating the music, knowing what area you want and how you go about networking to meet the appropriate people who might give you a shot. You need to think on your feet, be good at talking to people, show how you can adapt to your surroundings and new situations and how to lead and build a team. But it doesn’t have to be super difficult and you don’t need to have trained or studied music, although of course, that will help.

Learning To Be A Businessperson 


If you want to be a DJ for example, it’s good to know your music. Get to know all niches, go to watch live bands, talk to local bands and start to build a network. Being a DJ can be tricky, it takes a lot of skills to be able to engage an audience that can’t see your face, so personality has to show through. You may want to look at Internet Radio, setting up your own channel online and promoting it to people. You can choose the music, you could set up your own show that looks at local bands and get them to come on and be interviewed by you. Local talent will love the promotion and will probably do it for free. It’s the first step to building up your own business – people buy you not your product so being personable, friendly and fun is going to help you go far. 


Network Like A Pro 


You will want to impress your potential employers by having a really impressive CV. that begins with getting involved in extracurricular activities if you’re studying and taking all opportunities even if they are on campus whilst you study. You may want to look at internships at local music studios and explain your dreams and desire and even that you’ll be willing to work for free. If you have done internships with companies they may be likely to hire you in the future if you have impressed during your time with them. Work hard, turn up on time, be smart and friendly and have a willingness to learn. You could even have a summer abroad in your chosen city where you’d like to work, often the big cities will accept some type of internships, such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, London, Paris, and Tokyo. 


It’s not an easy task to break into the music industry but you can certainly start somewhere and make the step towards a future in the industry. Use your information wisely, get involved with music events and live gigs in your city and stay up to date!