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Your friends have accused you of being a workaholic before and you have always shrugged it off. You absolutely love working and you wouldn’t change it for the world, so why would you want to take time off? The truth is, you need to enjoy taking time out in order to recharge your batteries and refresh your mind. If you don’t allow yourself to do these things you will burn out. Finding new and fun things to do in your spare time is easy, you just have to be willing to give it a try! Here are a few ways in which you can find a brilliant balance between work and play.

Schedule Your Evenings


If you have never been the type of person to enjoy a well deserved evening off, then it’s time to make things much easier for yourself. Here is some advice that homebusinessmag.com said is useful for scheduling your post-work social life. There is an artificial intelligence-based evening planner called Eezy that can map out fun activities that you will actually love. They will find things to fit your mood and personal preferences. Give it a go and it’s guaranteed that you won’t be missing working late in the office that night!

Have Something To Look Forward To

When you have something super exciting to look forward to, it becomes much easier to switch off from work mode. Write down three things that you absolutely love to do (and that don’t involve work at all!). Aim to do at least one of these activities each week and you will soon look forward to stepping out of the office at the end of the day.

Take Time off After a Busy Period

When you have a huge deadline to meet you are often reluctant to take time off. On this occasion, it’s completely normal and fine to do. However, at the end of this busy period, you’re going to want to take intentional time off. This will allow your brain to rest and recuperate for your next project.

Switch off Properly When You’re Meant To

It is so difficult to switch off from work, especially when you are so busy. However, when you know it’s your day off, make a conscious effort to follow this idea through. Keep your laptop in the other room, give yourself a lie in or turn your mobile phone onto airplane mode. All of these actions will help you to stay switched off when you’re meant to.

There are so many exciting activities you could be doing instead of working. Although your idea of fun is getting lost in your to-do list, you need to learn to find a balance. Hopefully, when you implement these techniques you will be able to find a happy medium that you truly enjoy. Remember, you weren’t put on this earth just to work; you need to have a good time too! Allow yourself to feel refreshed and revitalized right now and achieve a healthier balance with work and play.