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Being able to confidently share your ideas could well change your life. Being confident in your ideas could help you to get ahead at work and in life in general. So, if you’ve never felt confident doing this, how can you change the way you feel? Read on!


1. Start Small

You should begin by starting small. You don’t have to share your ideas with just about anybody who will listen – how about talking to friends and family? You could even start sharing your ideas in meetings. Choose something to focus on and get out of your comfort zone with it. It’ll make a huge difference to your confidence in general and how you feel about sharing. 


2. Figure Out Why You’re Not Comfortable

Perhaps you were always shut down as a child and told your ideas weren’t very good. Even though you were small, this could be something that you’re carrying with you through adulthood. These things really do shape us! You could then try things like talking therapy or CBT to see if it can help you.


3. Practice Your Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are an important part of many jobs. Practicing them will help you to feel so much better about sharing your ideas, whether you’re in a meeting or heading to a conference. You may feel out of your depth at first, but soon you’ll develop tons of confidence and be itching to share what you’ve learned. Take a look at the infographic below. 

credit to STL