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An important aspect of having an email course is finding a way to monetize it. Making money for your hard work is important. When you make money doing something you love, and that you really know how to do, it will enable you to do more of it – thus helping more people learn the information that they need to know.

ConvertKit – ConvertKit is one the easiest autoresponders to use to set-up your email course. With automated sequence and landing page functionality, you can run an entire course on this platform, and build your email list at the same time.

Stripe – You can set up a Stripe subscription payment with a simple link to set up an email course, using Clickfunnels. Set up a sales page with the payment option, and then send them to a thank you page with a sign-up form. That will sign them up for the autoresponder with the course.

Clickfunnels – This is a membership software, which you don’t need to run an email course, but it is a good way to set them up to avoid issues with people unsubscribing and still being on the course list.

Upsells – A great way to make money from a free email course is to offer an upsell of some kind. This could be a product you’ve shown them that they need, such as a private membership group and other related products to the course.

How to get paid for an email course

Affiliate Programs – Your course may suggest different types of tools, software, and services to your audience. This is a good opportunity to include an affiliate link. You do need to disclose in your terms of service on the sign-up page for the course that some links will be affiliate links. However, most people will not mind if you are suggesting things you’ve tried that work.

Exclusive Offers – People on your list will love feeling exclusive. Use the list to make “list member only” special offers. When you hype up these offers to let them know that they are honestly the only ones getting a “sneak peek exclusive offer” and an inside view of your products and services, they’ll be excited to get the chance.

Cross-Promote – If you have other offers outside of this course, such as more courses, you can cross-promote. This is an offer that is related to the course your customer is taking but is not a sale that’s directly related to the course they’re in now.

Coaching – If you’ve given a good email course to your audience, you can offer to give them extra help with one-on-one coaching or group coaching calls for a fee. Make the offer through the course in the beginning, toward the middle and at the end.

If you give it some thought, you’ll be able to cash in on email courses. You can make it as simple as you want, or as complicated as you want, depending on which software you choose to use. But, one thing is for sure; you can make a good passive income on an email course.