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Let’s be honest. The last thing you want to do once you decided to finally leave your 9 to 5 job is to add more stress to your life. Isn’t that why you decided to build your own online business in the first place? You’re looking for freedom from your commute, boss, annoying coworkers, and the limitations of a fixed salary.  

However, if you’re trading all that in for a different kind of stress, is that serving you? Before you tell your boss to take your job and shove it, be sure you first build a solid foundation—and I don’t just mean with your new business.

Have a Financial Safety Net 

There’s no point in starting your own business if you’re stressed about money. Whether you’re concerned about those college tuition bills you’ll be facing in a few years, or worse, not sure how you’re going to make the rent, it’s easy to lose your excitement. As a new business owner, you certainly don’t want money trouble casting a shadow over your entrepreneurial dream.  

Before you turn in your resignation, set aside some cash in case of a rainy day. Aim for at least three months of living expenses but more is definitely better. Hopefully, you won’t need it but having some cash on hand will definitely relieve the pressure of having a new business that’s not earning its keep—yet.  

How to have a zero stress business launch

Make Sure Your Family is on Board 

Money troubles are bad, but there may be one thing that’s worse: an unsupportive spouse. And as any entrepreneur will tell you, not everyone understands the drive to be a business owner. In fact, most people find it pretty scary to step away from that regular paycheck to chase after a dream.  

If that sounds like your husband (or wife) don’t take it personally. They’re not making a statement about your ability. More than likely, they’re just worried about what the future holds. Do your best to understand where they’re coming from, and be sure to clearly explain your ideas, why you are confident it will work, and how you plan to cover the start-up expenses and manage the risk.  

If he or she is still not on board, consider starting slow, with a part-time business while still working your day job. That will give you the opportunity to prove your idea is workable, and might just help your spouse get as excited about it as you are. 

Take Time for YOU 

No matter what’s going on with your money, your spouse or your business, you need to be sure to schedule some “you” time. No one can work all the time, regardless of how driven you are. And no one can stay healthy while maintaining a nonstop schedule. Go for a walk, hit the gym, get a manicure or just binge on your favorite Netflix show. The point is simply to take time away from your desk to rest and rejuvenate. Without it, you’ll soon find yourself overwhelmed and stressed, even if you truly love your new business.