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Owning any form of business can be difficult and in the real estate business, the competition is pretty fierce too. This competition can make you or break you because to stay ahead. You are going to have to be constantly looking for new and improved ways of running your business to ensure that you beat the competition. You have to embrace the idea of change and take it into the heart of your business. It is only by evolution and adaptation to new ideas and technology that you will be able to progress onward to the next level.

Your Own Website

It is not good enough to use broker sites and advertise all your properties on there; you need to have your own website. A professional website that informs your clients about your business and has a history and brand attached will help you build trust. A lot of time, a customer may look for a website while using the broker sites, and when the site is found, they automatically look elsewhere. So, not only does it look unprofessional, you lose trust and customers.  


Go Social

It is important that you use all the marketing tools viable and social media is a great, free tool. Not only does it give you access to post to potential clients, but it allows you to boost your brand and engage with your customers. The data you receive from social media is valuable and can offer you excellent insights on how to adapt and change your marketing material to attract more customers, investors, and clients.  



Networking and meeting as many investors and clients and charming them into working with you is key to improving your real estate business. When you attend a networking event, you need to make sure you look the part and connect with a lot of different people. It makes sense to decide exactly what kind of people you need to meet who can assist you the most before you go. This means you need to develop a plan of attack. Then you can focus energy in the right areas. You can also network online with sites such as Daniel Summers with eVest, also consider creating a LinkedIn account if you haven’t done so already. If you an to explain our business, you are going to need as many investors and clients with huge property portfolios to want to work with you.


Keep an Eye on the Competition

All good businesses have to monitor their competition. If you don’t make this an active part of your strategy, you may find that you fall behind in certain areas. Tupo can learn a lot from your competitor. If you monitor their social media accounts, you can see how they liaise with their customers and pick up some key information. You can do a competitive analysis and see how they incorporate things like keys words for SEO into their website, for example. A good competitor will; keep you on the straight and narrow, and you will encourage each other to progress.