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Do you want to increase your business’s green credentials? Introducing eco-friendly practices into your business has many benefits. In recent years, it has become apparent that both companies and individuals can make a positive difference and do their bit to protect the planet from further damage. 


Consumers are increasingly savvy with their buying choices and are researching products to establish their eco-credentials to inform their purchase decisions. Research shows that consumers want businesses to make it easier for them to make environmentally responsible choices. This means that eco-friendly values are essential for companies, and there is a demand for products that reflect these values. This demonstrates that boosting your company’s eco-credentials holds many benefits. Firstly, your business will be behaving in a way that minimizes its impact on the planet. Secondly, your business is likely to be more appealing to consumers. Introducing environmentally aware business practices could even help to save you money on your running costs. Here are some of the ways that you can increase your business’s eco-credentials:


Packaging Choices


Changing your packaging can make a huge difference, and significantly reduce the impact that your business has on the planet. Packaging generates a vast amount of waste; Figures from the EPA state that packaging produced 80.1 million tons of waste in 2017, which equated to 29.9 percent of the total amount of municipal solid waste.


Traditional packaging materials, such as styrofoam and plastic, are widely known to cause environmental damage. Using plastic packaging can significantly increase your business’s carbon footprint due to the fossil fuels used in its production and transportation.


Using sustainable packaging often reduces the weight of products, which makes them cheaper to transport. But the biggest benefit of all is the contribution that you will be making to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.


Responsible Waste Disposal


As well as using less packaging and generating less packaging waste, there are other issues with waste you will need to consider. If your business uses cooking oil, you may be unsure of how best to dispose of used cooking oil in an environmentally responsible way. Disposing of used cooking oil incorrectly can cause environmental damage to waterways and block up pipes and drains. This is where companies such as https://gfcommodities.com/our-services/yellow-grease-uco-pickup/ can help by collecting your used cooking oil and disposing of it correctly. As well as having the peace of mind that your used oil is being disposed of responsibly, you will also make money from it.


Reducing Energy Consumption


Reducing the energy consumption used in your business helps you reduce your carbon footprint, and also helps you to cut the running costs of your business. Simple changes can make a big difference in your energy consumption. Switching from regular lightbulbs to energy-saving ones is a great place to start. Turning off equipment when it is not in use can also make a difference and will help you on your journey to make your business more environmentally-friendly.