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When you decide you want to work from home, you may find out you’re missing a few of the required skills needed for what you want to accomplish. In that case, you will have to find out how to learn the skills you need to know. Keep reading for tips on how to find resources to get you started.

Read Books

It’s amazing what you can learn from the old-fashioned book. Go to your local library, or check out Kindle books on Amazon if you prefer to read books using the newest technology. Books can teach you a lot of information that you didn’t even know you needed to learn. Check out some of my favorite business books here.

Find an Internship

There may be someone who needs help and is willing to train you through an internship agreement. You want to find an internship program that really teaches you something and doesn’t just use you for labor, but it can be a great way to learn.

Bid Low

Bid low on jobs that you’re not totally sure how to do, understanding that you’ll learn as you go. You might find out that you’re more capable than you thought, and you will get some work experience under your belt. Do make sure you have the right tools for performing the job and know how to use them, though.

Watch Videos

YouTube has an amazing variety of videos that you can learn from without paying a dime. You can learn how to paint, sew, build a membership website, and more, all from YouTube videos.

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This is a website that you pay a membership to in order to learn about something. You can learn anything from Excel to coding, to design and more on Lynda.com. A few of the business skills you can learn are time management, project management, and email marketing.


Udemy is another course platform like Lynda.com but you will pay for individual courses. You can learn how to put together a WordPress website, and you can learn how to create a course to sell on Udemy.

Online In-Depth Courses and Coaching

While most of these are pricier than the other options listed, they usually fast track you to where you really need to go. By learning skills through an in-depth course (some come with coaching), you’ll save yourself weeks of frustration, confusion, and overwhelm. The Making It Pay Lifestyle Course was designed to help you build an online business from scratch by providing 12 steps to follow in order. And yes, you have the opportunity to chat with other course members in a private Facebook group and access to weekly coaching calls from me!

There are a lot of other courses today that you can take online. Many professionals who have become successful go on to teach courses to people on how to do what they do. Often, if you really want to be successful it helps to go to someone who has done it and is successful.


Any skill you want to learn needs to be practiced. A course, a book, or even an internship is not going to help as much as putting the skills you learn into practice. When you learn a new skill, do that skill. Do it again and again until it becomes second nature.

Finally, another way to find places to learn new skills is to ask your community. If you want to be an online business owner who can work from home, go to forums and groups (join the Making It Pay Lifestyle Group) that have people like that in the same boat and who are experienced. Ask them how they learned. You can do the same thing with pretty much any type of skill you want to learn. Go to where those with the skill hang out and ask them for advice and you may find much of what you need to know from others who have paved the way.