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Marketing to a local audience can be very different to marketing to a national audience or international audience. Below are some of the top tips that will help you to attract more local customers. 

Network locally

Knowing the right people in your local community can help you to spread word of your business. It can often be worth getting to know other business owners as they may be able to recommend you to customers (providing that you’re not a direct competitor). You may be able to get to know these people by simply going into local shops or offices and starting conversations with staff. Alternatively, you may be able to meet local business owners by joining local business groups or attending local business events. On top of fellow business owners, try to become acquainted with other local influential people – this could include anyone from local journalists to the mayor. 

Invest in high-quality signage

High-quality signage will help to attract passers-by. This could be essential if your local business is a shop or a restaurant that relies on footfall. On top of investing in a large overhead sign, consider hanging signs and pavement signs. Window displays are also very effective at attracting passers-by – use windows to advertise your best and most eye-catching products. 

Get involved in your local community

Community work will help to get brand recognised. This could include sponsoring local events, hosting fundraisers or simply getting involved in various social groups. Word will spread of your business and you’ll start to attract more customers. 

Get featured in your local paper

Many people still pay attention to local news. A feature in your local newspaper could help to raise awareness of your company. Of course, you ideally want it to be a positive news story and possibly one with a promotional angle. If you’re hosting an event or relaunching your business, this could be the perfect time to reach out to your local paper.

Consider local radio advertising

A lot of people also listen to local radio. While a radio advert can be expensive to produce and run, it could pay off by attracting a lot more customers. Get in touch with your local radio station’s advertising department to find out how you can get advertised. 

Don’t neglect online marketing

Digital marketing isn’t only for national and internationally targeted companies. There are many ways in which local businesses can take advantage of online digital marketing including creating a website, creating social media pages and investing in local SEO. A lot of local customers will want to look up information about your company online. Digital marketing can also be a way of keeping communication with your loyal customers.

Keep an eye on your competitors

Unless your local business is the only one of its kind in the area, you’ll likely have some competitors. Keep an eye on what they’re doing so that you can find ways to set yourself apart with your marketing.