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Buying used clothing is one of my favorite ways to save money.  With the exception of swimsuits and underwear, 80% of our entire family’s wardrobe is used.  

I’m going to show you how to save more money on children’s clothes with SchooLa.

Just like the saying “everyone drives a used car”, everyone wears used clothes.

The minute you put it on, it’s used!  Some people seemed to get grossed out or think it is beneath them to purchase used, but that is all mental and could be a HUGE hemorrhage in your nest egg.

Don’t let pride lead you into poverty.

How to Save More Money on Children's Clothes With SchooLa

I think it’s wise to try to get children’s clothes for FREE if possible. Let’s face it, children are rough on clothes and destroy stuff.  Why let the inevitable cause you even more stress?  Hook up with some friends and/or family who have children slightly older than yours and ask if they wouldn’t mind passing their clothes on.  I know I’m all too ready to get rid of our old clothes and am HAPPY to have someone use them.  If you don’t have friends or family nearby, try Craigslist.org or Freecycle.org or a local thrift store.

Thrift stores can be hit or miss.  Here in Southwestern PA, we have some AMAZING thrift stores. Other parts of the country are not so fortunate.  I try to find some every time I travel and I know the quality of goods in different areas can vary dramatically.

If you want to avoid the hassle of trying to shop for just what you need and spending the gas money heading to different thrift stores in town, here is the solution!

SchooLa.com is a fantastic ONLINE RESALE store full of name brand children’s clothes.

SchooLa provides a much-needed service that will save you time and money and will benefit your school as well!

SchooLa runs school clothing drives and sells pre-loved children’s (and now Women’s) clothes from your favorite brands (Gap, Gymboree, Tea Collection, Mini Boden & more) on their website for up to 70% off retail.

They then give 40% of the proceeds back to the schools that donated the items. Children and schools receive much-needed funds to bring new paintbrushes to budding artists, new kickballs for a game of foursquare and new instruments to future maestros. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Note, SchooLa only ships to US addresses.

  1. The SchooLa bag is sent directly to you.
  2. 40% of proceeds from each sale are donated to your child’s school.  Yes, your school PTO president will LOVE you for this. Maybe this will help avoid all those little (annoying) fundraisers.
  3. Adorable pre-loved clothes from around the country.  Find WHAT you need, WHEN you need it at a GREAT PRICE.
  4. You will get $10 in credit for every friend you refer and they will too!

With all of those benefits, why wouldn’t you try SchooLa?  

Try it out, use the exclusive codes you’ll get when you sign up for their email list, share this post with your friends and let’s save money and do good together!