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If you want your employees to be happy and do a good job at work, then it’s essential that you create an attractive and productive workspace for them to reside. You’ll find that they enjoy coming to work and that you all achieve more when your office is set up for success.

Use the following tips to help guide you to making impactful changes that will allow you to obtain the results you desire from your business. Putting in the time and effort will be well worth it when you notice that you’re not only meeting but exceeding your goals and surpassing the competition.

Do Your Homework & Ask for Input

Setting up an attractive and productive office environment takes careful intention. It’s in your best interest to take the time to do your homework and research on how you can improve your office space before you get started. Ask for input from your employees and go tour different workspaces to see what enhancements others in the business community are doing. There are plenty of ideas and images online that will inspire you to want to invest the time and money into this project. Map out your ideas and wishes ahead of time so you can take the proper steps forward and bring your vision to life.

Get Rid of the Clutter

You can set up an attractive and productive office environment by having more storage options and getting organized. For example, consider looking into twin city custom sheds, which will provide you with a practical extension of your office. You can move certain items out to these storage sheds instead of having them take up space in and around your office where you want to be working. Also, unpack and go through old boxes and make sure that all you own has a place to reside and is out of the way for people to walk and move around.

Paint & Decorate

Instantly improve your office environment by applying a fresh coat of paint and decorating it. It’ll look more welcoming and inviting, and your employees will appreciate the new and attractive space to work. The color of your office can impact productivity and increase employee output and spark creativity. Therefore, be mindful and selective of the colors you choose to put on the walls and decorate with in your workspace. A few decorating ideas include hanging colorful artwork on the walls and displaying both real and fake plants around the office.   

Improve the Lighting

Another excellent way to set up an attractive and productive office environment is to improve the lighting. Better lighting will lead to less eye strain and your employees getting more done. Ensure that the office can be illuminated in dark areas and use any natural light possible that you can draw in during the day to help your cause. You want to have options according to the time of day and what you’re working on. You may also want to think about installing automatic lights that turn on and off when you enter or leave a room so that you can save on energy costs. Ensure that whoever leaves the office last each night knows to confirm all the lights are off and the doors are locked.

Have Recreational & Break Areas

Working around the clock with no breaks or time to rest can lead to burnout for you and your employees. It’s wise to have recreational and break areas throughout your office space to encourage your staff to step away from their desks once in a while. Many offices these days have game rooms where employees can go to get their minds off their work duties and challenge another person to a game of darts or ping pong. You can also consider offering your employees perks such as a coffee, tea, and snack station where they can indulge in some drinks and treats before heading back to their desks.

Make it Clean & Comfortable

It would help if you also focused your efforts on maintaining a clean and comfortable office environment. It’ll be more attractive, and your employees will be more productive when they aren’t working in a mess or chaos. Have plenty of trash and recycle cans around so that people naturally help to keep the area clean and tidy. You may want to hire a regular cleaning crew so that you don’t fall behind in this area, and it always looks presentable for you and guests. Add a sense of comfort and style by investing in the right pieces of furniture throughout your space. It should not only be comfortable to sit in, but also use the fabrics and pillows to draw in more color to your workspace.

Invest in the Right Tools & Equipment

Your employees will perform better at their jobs when they have the right tools and equipment to work with. It’s your job as the business owner to ensure that each person has what they need to get their assignments done right. For example, you should plan on supplying laptops, printers, phones, and any software that your employees feel is necessary for completing their work. You can always lease some of these items if you don’t know how long you’ll need them or aren’t ready to fully commit to some of these tools and equipment.


You should now have a better idea of how you can set up an attractive and productive office environment and practical suggestions for implementing changes that will make a real difference. Your employees and clients will appreciate your efforts, and you’ll likely find people collaborating more and that there’s a boost in morale around the office. Take inventory of which areas need your attention the most and make a priority list of projects you can start tackling today so that this important matter doesn’t fall off your radar. It’s not only going to help you retain employees now but it’ll also help you with your recruiting efforts as a way to attract new talent to your business.