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Making the leap to leave employment behind and go it alone into the world of self-employment is increasingly popular right now. In fact, research shows that 33 percent of the American workforce could potentially be classed as self-employed over the next few years. These figures suggest that the appeal of leaving employment behind and venturing out on your own is showing no signs of dying down. 


Being self employed requires an entirely different mindset compared with being employed. One of the biggest challenges that this presents is being taken seriously and coming across as professional. Here are some of the ways that you can make a great impression on your clients, and seal your reputation as a professional.




To be taken seriously as a credible professional, it is essential to make a great first impression. While you may have become self-employed to enjoy a more flexible working life, it is important to still look professional. 


When your business is in its infancy, and you are still trying to get established, you will need to work hard to build up your reputation. Dressing appropriately and being well presented in yourself is vital to be taken seriously.

Business Premises


When thinking about your business’ reputation and how you present yourself, you should also consider your business premises. Think about your existing premises from a client’s perspective, do they look professional, or are they looking tired and dated? Seeing your premises with fresh eyes will help you to see where improvements should be made, and the kind of impression that you are giving your clients.


If you have a messy, disorganized office space, it won’t matter that it is fitted out with top of the range furniture and state of the art equipment. Instead, your clients will still get the impression that you are unable to manage your workload and may lose faith in your capabilities.


The Right Software


The right software is the cornerstone of any business in the digital age. Choosing software that has the capability to make your business run smoothly is essential, especially when you are a sole trader, or dealing with a large number of clients. If you work in an industry which deals with large sums of money, such as investments, ensuring that your software is up to the task is crucial. Choosing private equity software solutions specifically designed for the job will help you to manage your clients more easily and efficiently.




Reliability is key to being considered a credible professional in your industry. When you are self-employed, your reputation is everything, and one of the main ways this is formed is through your reliability. 


Doing what you said you would do, at the time that you said that you would do it is critical when establishing your reputation. Continuing to do this once you are well-established will cement your reputation and keep your customers loyal to you.


Above all, doing the job well, and keeping your promises are the essence of being a professional.