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Do you wish you could work from anywhere in the world you choose? Is your ideal office a remote sandy beach or a secluded mountain cabin? Would you pack up and travel to the other side of the globe if you were given the opportunity? Well, what’s stopping you?


In this age of flexible working patterns and remote collaboration technology, there is no reason why many people cannot work from wherever they please. Of course, many professions like surgeons and builders require you to be physically present, but there are countless others that don’t require a fixed location. If you have your heart set on traveling the world while you work, this is a perfectly achievable goal, and many people manage it with ease. 


There are several ways to achieve this dream of remote work, and here are just a few ways you can make it a reality.

Go freelance

For the ultimate freedom to travel and work wherever you please, the best option is to go freelance and start your own business. For many companies, if they were to get up and relocate halfway around the world, it would require thousands of dollars, years of planning, and enormous amounts of transport resources to make it happen. But as a freelancer, it’s as simple as buying a plane ticket. 


It is possible to start a freelance business in an enormous range of fields that don’t require you to have physical contact with customers. Web design, programming, copywriting, and graphic design are all excellent examples. If you have skills in any such areas, all you need to do is create a website, market your skills, and wait for clients to roll in. You’ll be able to complete your work and conduct meetings from your country of choice, and enjoy your new-found freedom.


And if you don’t have the requisite skills or experience to start a remote business, it is possible to boost your professional knowledge with online courses

Find a remote position

If starting your own business isn’t for you, there are plenty of jobs that allow you to earn a salary while working remotely. It is more common than ever for companies to allow their employees to work from home or on the go. Find a position that offers this structure and make it clear that you will be operating from a remote location. As long as you can demonstrate that you have the skills and the dedication to make this work, that shouldn’t be a problem. 

Become a travel blogger

Supposing you want to actively make money from your travels, an excellent route to take is travel blogging. This is one of the most desirable professions around, as it allows you to go wherever you want in the world and earn a living from it. It is a hugely saturated field as everyone with a laptop thinks they can be a blogger, but only the very best succeed at it. You’ll need a flair for writing and the ability to take stunning photographs. You’ll also need to be up to speed with digital marketing and basic website tools. It will take time to build up a following, but once you do, it is possible to make a lot of money through advertising, paid articles, and brand sponsorship.