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Business has changed recently. Coronavirus has had a drastic impact on multiple industries. Depending on where in the world you live, you’ve likely seen a lockdown which damaged the local economy. Travel and tourism were hit pretty hard, and the restaurant businesses which couldn’t do takeaway were also hurt. At the moment, most businesses are trying to pull themselves out of the covid mire. It’s a hard thing to do, because there’s always the threat of a second lockdown. The threat of another lockdown or more stringent rules being put in place are ever present, so businesses don’t want to overdo it. On the other hand, they’re striving for the custom while they can. Trying to beat off competitors and other industries to ensure they get a fair amount of custom. There are different ways to achieve this, but one way is by pushing your brand awareness. If people know about it, they might purchase your products. If they don’t, how can you ever expect them to? Different businesses and industries use branding in bespoke ways. Always apply advice to your business in a unique way instead of taking it as a blanket approach.


The Product Needs To Look Good


Whatever it is you’re selling, it needs to look nice. The raw product itself needs to be nice on the eye otherwise people won’t go near it. If you offer services, you can skip this one. Products are physical items you’ll sell for money. Whether online or in store. If you manufacture the products yourself you need to ensure they’re of a good quality and that they look good. The packaging is just as important. It needs to draw people in. There are many packaging solutions which can help you do it right. Even if you’re based solely online, you need to think about the photos you take of your products. They need to be professional, and capture what you’re selling in the best light possible. This sounds easy but it isn’t always. Look at the best in the business and see how they’ve tried to do it. Not only does it need to look good, it needs to sound good to. This means your product descriptions need to be on point, however they can’t be too long or people will get bored and stop reading. Get the vital, need to know information on the page and make sure you cut any passive text.

Use Free Samples To Drive Sales


You can see this a lot in the restaurant industry. Free samples, along with flyers or posters work a treat. If someone samples what you create and likes it they might just buy the full product. How does this work outside the food industry? You target key players. These are people like bloggers or influencers with large followings who are active in your industry. The same for magazines, both physical and online. Give your product to them and ask for a review. If you do this to multiple people across varying spheres you may just end up with a large pull of reviews. The risk of course is that the reviews aren’t all positive. However, you can get around this and see it as a plus. If the reviews aren’t all positive, then act on the feedback to make your product better. Show you’re listening and interacting with what people think and your sales will increase. Once you’ve made the changes suggested ask for another review. Keep going until you get it right and all the while you’ll build a bigger following and wider knowledge of your brand.


Get Involved In The Community


It’s vital you get stuck into the community, especially if you’re relying on them to make up the bulk of your sales. One way to drive brand awareness is to keep it on the minds of those who are most likely to purchase your goods. For example, if you are in construction think about helping the local community by getting involved in community projects. Fixing walls, parks, etc. Display your branding everywhere and make sure everyone knows who you are and that you’re helping people out for free. People will like the gesture and come to you if they need you. Think about your industry and how you can help out in your local community and you’ll see your sales surge. If you’re in food, it could be providing some free snacks to a community project instead. There are always ways you can help out if you just think outside the box. It’s the best kind of advertising possible, and just make sure you shout about it on social media too…


Leverage The Power Of Social Media


Social media is huge with brand awareness. If you aren’t using it, then others in your industry are, beating you to loads of sales. Check your competitors, look how they’re using it and do the same in your own way. For a start you need to set up business pages on social network sites like Twitter and Facebook. On them, you need to have key information about your business along with what you do and where you do it. Then you need to create some killer content to bring people to your pages. Interact with people. Target your demographic and build a following. If you do this across multiple platforms you’ll build yourself a whole new area from which to garner sales. You need to keep on top of it. Don’t let it wilt away with a lack of content. So many people simply bypass google these days and search for what they want or need in the Facebook search bar. Don’t miss these people. You can engage on a local basis or national. Even international works. Make sure you put links to your website too so that people have a direct link to your product pages. Don’t overload your social media sites with too much information. Keep it clean and simple. IF you’re having trouble, there are content writers who can make sure it’s in a good shape.