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It’s not just homes that are affected when the winter rains sweep in. Your business is just as likely to be affected by consistent rain and heavy flooding really is no joke! Your business is not immune to water damage – even if you think it is. It’s one of the most common hazards when the weather becomes treacherous and in certain areas, the risk of flooding is 1 in 4.

You’re trying to run a business here, which means that you need to do what you can to ensure that it continues to run without needing to pay over the odds for flooding insurance. The important thing to know – other than the number for emergency plumbing services – is that your business is not immune and you need to be aware of how flooding can affect you. So, let’s take a look!

  • It’s Not Just Weather. Flooding doesn’t JUST happen because of excessive rain. Sure, it’s one of the biggest causes, but in this case, your business can be affected by flooding because of the sewage being backed up, the drainage systems and dam failures – it all adds up. Flooding also isn’t an immediate rush of water. It can be a very slow leak that causes flooding over time, and it doesn’t have to happen because of rain.
  • Flooding Can Cause Loss Of Life. It’s a harsh reality, but if your business is vulnerable to flooding then it’s also vulnerable to those in your business being irreversibly hurt. Flood damage and flash flooding can leave a business devastated, and being aware of your risks of floods damaging your business will help you to avoid anything catastrophic to the people working for you. Sure, you could lose a lot of money rebuilding, but better to redo the bricks than try to put people back together!
  • Unhappy Employees. People deserve to work in a safe environment, and it’s up to you to ensure that your business is one such place for them. If people are struggling with their situation after flooding, then it could be beneficial to you to look at remote working. If your employees feel safer working from home during flooding seasons, then it’s a smart idea to allow it!
  • Property Costs. When flooding damages your business property, you need to have a backup account to cover the costs of repairs. Insurance may be able to step in and help with the costs, but even a couple of inches of water could cause huge amounts of damage to the contents of your office. Carpets and flooring are not cheap to replace, neither is all of your business technology.
  • Losing Money. Lastly, your business can be affected by flooding simply by the loss of money you will suffer when your premises are flooded. Not only will you give the costs of business interruption as you get things back to normal, you’ll feel the strain on rebuilding costs and returning your business to normal. It takes time and money¬†