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Times are hard; there can be no denying that. Most industries are experiencing challenges which they’d never have imagined 12 months ago, and so could not have prepared for. Some industries, such as healthcare and essential food stores, have been busier than ever. Others have been forced to close their doors temporarily, and some have managed to find alternative ways of doing things, enabling them to continue to make money and grow their business while sticking to social distancing regulations and limiting overseas business. 


If things have been hectic, your team members may be tired, stressed out, and even angry. If it’s gone the other way, they may be worried about the future of their jobs, anxious about what might happen next, and eager to get back to normal. 


Either way, team spirit might have taken a knock. When we’re busy, and everything is running like clockwork, morale is high, and our staff work well together, bonding, having fun, and complementing each other’s skills. When times are tough, it’s much harder. 

The Importance of Good Team Spirit

When team spirit is positive, and morale is high, or teams work productively. They get more done. They are happy and loyal, and they are willing to go the extra mile. So, how do you pick it back up again when things have been rough for a while?

Make Life Easier

Times are tough, sure, but could they be a little easier? Is there anything that you could do to make everyone’s work easier? Or to improve the atmosphere in the workplace. Providing easy to use ID for nurses can make small daily tasks less tricky, for example. The best way to do this is to ask them what they need from you and what you could be doing to help them. 

Encourage Fun

You might have seen posts of doctors and nurses having fun during their off time on social media. You might have also read negative comments, along the lines of “well, it’s not that bad if they’ve got time to dance.” But, actually, these little bits of fun are like a miracle happy drug. As long as everyone is working well, encourage a little fun and laughter when possible. 

Keep the Break Room Well-Stocked

A cup of tea, a few biscuits, and some other tasty treats go a long way to improving the mood on a long, hard shift. A well-stocked break room also shows that you care. 

Appreciate Them

The easiest way to improve the mood in your workplace is to show gratitude. Whether your staff are working harder than ever, or barely working at all, but worried about their jobs, saying thank you at the end of the day, and praising them for their efforts, goes a long way. 


Sometimes, it’s ok to let the small stuff go. If someone with previously excellent punctuation is 5 minutes late one day, will it really hurt? Remember, everyone has a lot going on, and choose your battles. 


The good thing about team spirit is that often, even at the worst of times, it just needs a push in the right direction. The relationships between your crew will shine through.