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Making your business more successful is tough during a pandemic. It’s particularly challenging when you own a store and rely on foot traffic to encourage a steady flow of leads and sales. With fewer people shopping face-to-face, the online sector is taking advantage and absorbing your market share. You’ve got to fight back to survive, but it’s easier said than done. The key is to be clear and transparent and to amplify what little custom there is with smart and eye-catching advertising techniques.


Continue reading to find out more about the tactics you can leverage as a store owner during Covid-19.

Have Visible Outdoor Signage


Indoor signage isn’t enough when you must regulate how many people walk into the store at a time. Even if you prefer to leave it up to customers, it’s important to understand lots of passers-by will stroll past a busy shop as the health risks are too great. Therefore, it’s essential to be responsible and proactive by putting up signs that state your policies. Some people won’t like them, but more consumers will respect you for being open and honest. After all, it eliminates confusion and enhances their in-store experience, the latter of which is proven to boost sales.




The art of peacocking involves using whatever you have to show off to shoppers. While customers are individuals, most of them respond well to certain marketing ploys, such as decorative visual merchandising. As well as hiring a professional like NuVision Window Films to take care of the installation, you should consider which windows and displays are effective. For example, a big window that looks out onto a busy street is a goldmine as it will instantly attract attention. And diverse displays are vital because similar styles and designs are boring and reflect badly on the brand’s creativity levels.


Limit Upselling Options


Upselling is when you attempt to make sales for different products and services at the checkout. After all, people are likely to be in the buying mood as they are already rushing from the endorphins. Still, too many options will overwhelm shoppers, leading them to reject your advances flatly. Although limiting the upselling items reduces the choice, this can often be a good thing as there is less confusion. This study highlights how the cut-off point is six alternatives since this is when shoppers begin to turn off.


Train Employees


Shopping during Covid is a new trend that won’t disappear soon. As a result, everyone has to get used to a different way of operating, including your staff. Training them on the best practices is something all bosses should promote because it will put customers at ease. Also, the confidence oozing from your employees should resonate with people. In an unpredictable time, someone who can take charge and provide a solid service will stand out from the crowd, giving you an advantage over your rivals.


The key is not to assume that all is lost. Converting sales is tough for physical stores, but it’s not the end of the world with these marketing tips.