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Businesses that have IT equipment, servers, networks and other forms of hardware, will obviously need a quality product whereby they can store them inside. There are lots of different racks and cabinets available in stores around the country and on the internet today. This means that several aspects should be considered before a purchase is made in order to ensure that the right wall mount rack has been chosen.

First and foremost, it is worth talking to a company that provides managed IT services, as they will have a lot of experience and they can help you to manage your servers and to ensure your data center is set-up correctly.


One of the most important things that need to be thought about is the weight of the wall mount cabinet. After all, when choosing to store equipment via a cabinet that is going to be fixed on the wall it is essential that the weight is not too heavy. Therefore, finding a cabinet that is substantial enough to carry the hardware being store inside is pivotal. Nevertheless, if it feels slightly too heavy as a whole then it is always better to go for a free-standing solution. 


Weight is not the only pivotal factor, the dimensions of the rack are also very important. After all, individuals need to be sure that their servers fit inside of the wall mount cabinet perfectly. It is always beneficial to consider the potential for expanding as well, thus try and seek something which has a little bit of added space. In addition to this, when considering the size of the rack it is important to think of where it is actually going to be placed in the room as well as the size in relation to the equipment. Before one begins to start it is crucial that they asses their room space and decide upon where the wall mount rack is going to be situated.


In addition to this, people should also contemplate how easy it will be to access their hardware once it is stored inside the server rack. This also includes thinking about aspects such as where the cable will link from the product (inside the cabinet) to the power supply. A lot of racks and cabinets will have a small hole whereby the cable required can fit through – make sure that the size of the hole is substantial enough. 


Tips on how to find the right location for your wall mount rack


First and foremost, you can’t just look at a cabinet or a spot in your room and think “it looks like it will fit, everything will be just fine”. You need to make sure that you measure the space you want to put your cabinet in, and then make sure that the wall mount rack you are going to buy fits into the space in question. All online retailers should provide the size of the tech cabinets alongside each product in the specification details. Moreover, if the space in which you have set aside is big enough to house two racks but you only need one do not place your cabinet in the middle of this space. Utilize the area carefully so that you can expand in the future if need be.


In addition to this, you also need to consider the location in terms of how close it is to the computers. If you are going to buy soundproof server cabinets then you should locate them as close to the computers and equipment as possible. Nevertheless, if you do not have a soundproof cabinet then you need to form a good balance between being near to the computers but not so close that the noise is disturbing. After all, servers can be loud and this can distract employees, consequently having an impact on productivity. Nevertheless, if the server cabinet is too far away then you will have to spend more money on cables and extensions. The best thing to do is to calculate how much money it would cost to upgrade to a soundproof cabinet as well as how much money extra cable extensions and alike would cost if you were to locate your cabinet further away, then go for the cheapest option.