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If there is one domain that has always been considered a difficult one to master, it’s marketing. There are so many avenues of marketing to consider that it’s important that you understand the streams of marketing that you need before you get started with your business. Not only that, but you need to know that the agency that you choose has to be the right one for you and does the work that you need. 


Digital technology means that every activity in marketing can be measured and the data can be collected. This can help you to build a complete picture of your marketing efforts. The problems arise if your marketing agency isn’t meeting your needs and giving you what you need for your business to be successful, you need to let them go and you need to see if you can get an agency who knows what they’re doing. Your business deserves the top Web Design Agency that money can buy, and you have to assess your current need to know if you are receiving that service. With this in mind, here are five ways to tell it’s time to fire your marketing agency.

  • They’re Not Looking At Your Conversion Figures

It’s nice when you’re told your traffic metrics and your likes and followers, but these are known as vanity metrics. It feels good for people to notice your business, but if you’re going to only be told about the vanity metrics, you’re not going to know whether you are converting those followers and likes into money. You need to be told whether your customers are buying from you, as if the visitor numbers are high but your conversion rates are low, you need to know this!

  • You Don’t Know About Your Link Building Progress

Your website aims are to be visible online. If your agency claims that they can ensure that you are more visible online but they aren’t building links, you need to ask them to do this. Links to your website will help you to attract more and more visitors online, and while it’s hard to build links, your agency needs to put in the time and effort to do this. You need to have a larger number of links so that your customers can find your information online.

  • You Don’t Have Access to Your Own Data

As a business, you should be given data reports to tell you what your customers are looking at and check how much progress you’re making. There are plenty of tools out there eto measure website traffic that your agency should be using, but if you aren’t receiving reports then you’re effectively in the dark about the work that’s going on outside of your business. You can ask for monthly or quarterly reports, but you can also ask for a weekly update with an explanation of the figures so that you can better understand them. No agency is perfect, but communication is key and you need to ask for the information that you want. If they still don’t offer up the goods, that’s when you need to look elsewhere.

  • Your Agency Doesn’t Communicate

When was the last time your marketing agency contacted you to talk about your SEO, and digital marketing strategies? If you aren’t having regular contact with your marketing agency, you’re going to be in the dark about how things are going. You may outsource your marketing to other people in the industry, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be ignorant about what’s going on. Your agency has to communicate with you and be on the phone when you need them to be, so think about how often you talk to your marketing agency and make a note in the calendar to have a discussion at least once a month.

  • Your Agency Doesn’t Identify Your Customers

You need to have an agency that knows how to identify and segment your customers. Some customers will be contacting you via social media, where others will respond to newspaper ads. Yoru marketing agency should be able to identify these customers and ensure that they are catered for. If your main customer base prefers to be contacted via social media, the more of your marketing spend should be on social media. They should be working with you to ensure that you know that your customers are being identified and worked with every step of the way.


Marketing is so much more than it used to be, but if your agency isn’t performing, don’t feel you have to continue to work with them.