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If you’re sitting at a desk, 8 hours a day 5 days a week, there’s a chance your health is on the decline. Human beings weren’t meant to sit around for extended periods of time like that, after all! And because of that, it’s key to think about the ways you can change your working life, and what steps you might be able to take to boost your natural health. 


So, if you’re working in an office full time, and you’re surrounded by coworkers who do the same, it’s time to head to the front of the health revolution. There’s plenty of things you can do to promote a more active, fulfilling lifestyle whilst in such a working environment, and we’ve got some ideas below for you to start with. 


Take Walking and Talking Lunches


When it comes to working in an environment that values sitting still and getting things done above all else, you have to make an extra effort to get people up on their feet again. And when break and lunchtimes come around, you’re going to need to emphasize the chance to get up and move around, for an extended period of time. 


Get your coworkers to go out with you. Walk to a restaurant or sandwich shop for lunch, then head to a nearby green area (like a park!) to sit down and enjoy your lunch together. You’ll have plenty of chances to talk to each other, away from the office and any social rules that are put on you, and you’ll have to walk back to. And that’s great for putting the blood back into your legs! 


Promote Hydration


If you’re focused on your computer for hours on end, there’s a good chance your brain isn’t thinking about much else. Not to mention how warm and humid an office environment can get! And because of that, it’s time to promote hydration in your business, because it’s more important than anything else on this list. 


You could also think about installing a bottleless water cooler in the office as well – if you can grab an easy glass of water whenever you need to, and the cooler is in plain view, people are going to use it! It’s all about convenience in the modern-day and age, even when it comes right down to having a drink as and when your body needs one. 


Keep the Air Circling


Instead of using an air conditioning system, try opening the windows as and when the office is feeling stuffy. Get some fresh, clean air into the building, and take a deep breath. If you start to feel sick whilst at work, taking a small break to just breathe and be by an open window is one of the best ways to stave the feeling off. 


If you’re working full time in an office, it’s time to place more importance on your health. Offices can get stuffy and stressful, and you could do with the effort!