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It’s a no-brainer to suggest that marketing is important for your business, and while you can promote your product far and wide, especially if you’re an online business, it makes sense to market what you are offering locally too.


In this article, we are going to give you a few ideas to add to your local marketing plan. 


#1: Direct mail 


People still enjoy receiving mail, despite the over-reliance on email and social media for communication purposes today. So, consider this within your marketing strategy. When thinking about your mailouts, you could target those customers who have already used your business before, perhaps with news of special offers to draw them back to you. Or you could send out mail with your local carrier service, perhaps in the form of promotional materials that can be dropped off on your carrier’s usual route. This latter option can be customized with the EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) Program, which has many benefits for businesses. You can learn more about this in the article linked here: Why EDDM Works For Small Businesses. Whatever route you take (figuratively and literally), be sure to make your mailout relevant so as not to aggravate any potential customers. 


#2: Hold a public event


If you’re marketing to other businesses, you could host a conference or training event. This would give you the opportunity to meet potential clients, and it would raise your profile. Hiring a guest speaker might attract more attention, and if you were to offer other incentives, perhaps with swag bags containing goodies, you might also encourage people to come to your event. Another option is to host an event for the local community, perhaps with a product unveiling, or a fundraiser for a local cause. Whatever type of event you hold, be sure to invite the media too, as this will give your business a further push into the minds of local people. 


#3: Use local business directories


Facebook, Google My Business, and City Squares are just a few of the local business directories you should consider using. These are the websites that any potential new customers will be using to find businesses like yours, so even if you have to pay for ads on some of them, those investments will be well worth it when more people start using your business. 


#4: Get personally involved with your local community


The more involved you are with the people in your locale, the more opportunities you will have to talk about your business to others. You will also build your reputation, especially if you volunteer for a local cause. So, get out there and make yourself known. Attend public events, give your time to worthy causes, and get in touch with public organizations. If you can build trust with your local community, they will start to put more trust in your business. 


So, no matter what type of business you operate, never neglect your local community within your marketing strategy. By making yourself known to others, you will raise your profile, have the opportunity to grow your business, and experience greater amounts of success.