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One of the reasons that I haven’t been blogging as often as I’d like is because I now have a THRIVING Virtual Assistant (VA) business over at iAssistVirtually.com.  This has allowed me to make MORE money working from home as a virtual assistant than I do by blogging.  Blogging has been a great way to “build my tribe” and help others learn how to make more money. It’s given me a platform to help others succeed by sharing what I’ve learned about working from home.

When I started Making It Pay To Stay, I wanted to help other woman save money and make money while staying at home. Monetizing my blog helped give me some supplemental income, but the skills that I learned along the way have proven to be incredibly valuable in teaching me tricks and tools I now use as a virtual assistant.

The services I provide to my clients allow them to have more freedom as entrepreneurs and business owners, and allow me the freedom to work from home, set my own schedule and be available for my children.

Did you know that even entry-level VA’s earn around $20-$30 an hour?

I’m now making $60-$80 an hour while working from home with the skills I’ve learned in the past 6 months!

***UPDATE*** As of April 2018, I make more than $5,000 per month while working 15 hours per week. That’s $77 per hour! Want to learn how I did it and how you can replicate my results if you’re committed? Sign up for my free webinar and learn the secrets!

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During this information-rich 1 hour webinar, you will receive the answers to common questions most aspiring virtual assistants are asking including:

  • WHO is an Online Business Owner?
  • WHAT Kinds of Services can I offer?
  • WHERE do Virtual Assistants find clients?
  • WHEN can I work?
  • WHY would I benefit from doing this?
  • HOW do online business owners grow their business?
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Owning a successful Virtual Assistant has given many VAs the freedom to earn an above average potential income from the comforts of their home office. If you’ve ever been curious what it would be like to be the boss of your own service business or just want to pick up some sweet strategies to help you grow your VA business, you won’t want to miss this informational webinar.

Check out the FAQ page here, because I show how this can be done with virtually any online business, not just a virtual assistant business!

2. Check out these FREE Resources and grab some goodies for your Virtual Assistant business success like the VA Forum or Kickstart Package.

I’m certain that you will find all the tools you need to start your own virtual assistant business too!