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It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or whether you have been launching businesses for decades, you still need to keep your business assets secure. In the twenty-first century, the skill of hackers has increased meaning that they can infiltrate systems, steal data, hold companies to ransom and infect networks. It can be difficult to guard against such threats. However, it’s vital for you to go beyond the standard firewall and be proactive to keep your business as secure as Fort Knox.

The Basics


At its core, cybersecurity relies on human beings to understand the concept and importance of being vigilant. It’s important to train up your staff and deliver annual refreshers. Make it clear that passwords need to be random letters and numbers and symbols of at least twelve characters long. They need to be changed on a regular basis and they should never be shared. Discretion is crucial for any business, so ensure that any data you keep is on a strictly need to know basis. The fewer people with access to information, the less chance of it falling into the wrong hands.


The dodgy email pop up is still the most common way that hackers use to infect systems with ransomware. It’s important that every staff member flags up anything that looks dodgy and that they delete the offending email immediately. By forming a collective with other local startups, you can keep track of potential threats by sharing information.


If you feel a little overwhelmed by your cybersecurity obligations, you could choose to relinquish responsibility for this to professionals like those at itsupportboston.us. By doing this, you can be certain that experts will formulate a security strategy bespoke to your company. There will be ample opportunities for encryption and regular backups, allowing your business to continue to function even if ransomware is located in your systems. Outsourcing this business function to off-site experts will also free up your time to be spent on more pressing aspects of your business vision.




Cybersecurity Policy


It’s vital that you pay cybersecurity enough attention in your business plan. You should formulate a staff charter, like the ones at sgs.com that every member of your workforce signs up to. This means your staff team should know that they cannot have access to the most confidential data in their favorite coffee shop. They shouldn’t be saving documents on USB sticks and they should never use open and unsecured WiFi networks. Utilize the cloud, forget hard drives, and enjoy a more secure form of storage. As an employer, it’s up to you to facilitate sound cybersecurity practice.


Being an entrepreneur will see you overwhelmed by the sheer number of business functions that fall in your lap, from finance to HR and from marketing to IT provision. However, you should never underestimate the emphasis that you need to give to your cybersecurity credentials. By following this guide, you can keep your business assets as secure as Fort Knox.