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A comfortable workspace is a more productive workspace. There are lots of things that you can do to make a home office cozier. Below are just a few different ways to make your office more comfortable. 

Invest in a comfortable chair

Sitting on an uncomfortable chair all day could affect your work. It could also lead to cramps, circulatory problems, and back pain. 

An ergonomic office chair could be a good solution for helping you to work comfortably at a desk. These chairs can help you to keep a good posture and can support all the contours of your body. A good chair should be height adjustable so that you can match it correctly to the height of your desk. Adjustable armrests and an adjustable headrest could be other features to look out for.

Of course, you don’t have to sit on a chair at a desk. If all you need is a laptop or tablet to work from, you could consider opting for a bean bag. There are several brands of bean bags that are perfect for office usage – this Yogibo vs Moon Pod review compares two such brands. Some bean bags can even be used with desks.

Pay attention to ergonomics

Ergonomics is the practice of making things fit comfortably to the human body. When it comes to your workspace, this could include various factors such as the height of your desk, the height of the monitor, and the amount of elbow room that you may have. Poor ergonomics could affect your productivity, as well as leading to cramps and strains (some of which could turn into repetitive strain injuries). 

When using a computer at a desk, you ideally want the keyboard and monitor to be directly in front of you – there shouldn’t have to be any awkward twisting. You shouldn’t be so close to a wall that you have hardly any elbow room or legroom. The keyboard should ideally be parallel with your elbows while typing. The top of the monitor should meanwhile be at eye height (you shouldn’t have to lean over your desk or look up at your monitor). All of this could help you to stay comfortable while you work. 

Improve the air quality

Your home office shouldn’t be stuffy, dusty, or musty. Poor air quality may cause irritation to the airways and could affect your ability to concentrate.

If the room has poor ventilation, it could be worth finding a way of purifying the air in the room. Buying an air purifier could be one way to do this. Houseplants could be another way of improving the air quality – The Spruce offers a guide to some of the best houseplants for your office.

Control the temperature

Working in an office that’s too hot or too cold isn’t fun. Both are likely to affect your productivity – by finding ways to control the temperature, you could find it easier to work efficiently in the height of summer or on a cold winter’s day.

Desk fans are one way to stay cool. However, portable A/C units tend to be much more efficient in higher temperatures. When it comes to staying warm, there’s the option of portable heaters. In fact, you can buy portable heater/coolers that help you to moderate the temperature in all weathers.