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Whether you attend public events in the local mall or trade shows in another country, one of the most common ways to grow your brand is to bring along some promotional materials. This could be anything from shirts with your logo on it to pens and even keyrings with a mascot. There are lots of different promotional products that you can offer to your audience, but it’s important to try and make the most of them considering they are a rather expensive investment.


So in this post, we’re going to take a look at how you can make better use of your promotional products to improve the return on their investment.

Improve their longevity by making them practical


A lot of promotional products are either made from low-quality materials or simply don’t serve much of a purpose. Instead of making something that is forgotten and thrown away, make it something that actually screams high-quality and practicality.


For example, don’t go for cheap tote bags that fall apart when something remotely heavy is inside of it. Instead, go for something high quality like what you’d normally pay for at a supermarket or a store. Use high-quality printing techniques to add your logo or brand to the bag and then give that away. This is a fantastic way to stand out as a business and helps to solidify your status as a reputable company that provides high-quality products and services down to even your promotional items.


Add QR codes to make it easy to add information


One of the more impressive ways to make use of your promotional products is to actually add QR codes to them to store information. While you can easily just write your address, business name or website on the products, it’s a lot more elegant and professional to actually use QR codes. QR codes can store a surprising amount of information in a small form factor, making it suitable for use on virtually any kind of promotional product with a clear and printable surface.


We highly suggest that you use a QR code generator to generate codes with anything from discount codes to phone numbers and website addresses. It’s the easiest way to create QR codes that can be printed on your promotional products. Do keep in mind that the QR codes need to be completely intact in order to function properly, so make sure it’s printed using reliable ink that won’t rub off easily.


Attend more trade shows instead of just public events


While giving out promotional items at a public event is a great option for exposure, you should always try to aim for trade shows instead as they offer you much better returns on your investment. This is because a trade show usually has more people on the show flow and you’ll attract more than just potential customers. You might meet investors, potential future clients and even other businesses that would be interested in collaborating with you.


Don’t limit yourself to just public events, consider investing a bit more money and taking your promotional products to a full-blown trade show.