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Retail is one of those sectors where although there are plenty of bigger more established businesses closing down every day, there seem to be lots of smaller independent and niche retailers springing up in their wake. 


Retail is a tough business to make an impression in, make no bones about it, however, if you can carve a niche within your local, or even national market, then you can achieve great things. But, in order to do that you need some sound marketing ideas that are going to really drive the footfall that you need straight to your door. Here are some tips that you can use:


Signage, Banners, and Promotional Spaces


People need to know that you are there are to do that you need to create an impact. Great signage on and inside your shop is a start as it will attract the passing trade. But, you can’t wait for people to just come to you, you need to go to them. 


Find a busy spot within your town or city center, or within the shopping scheme that you are situated in and set up a promotional stand. You’ll need to seek out the permission of the landlord or council in advance and they may have a booking system for promotional space


Set up a custom hop-up banner that is eye-catching, has clearly identifiable branding, and gives the people passing by an impression of what it is you are offering. Then use a confident style of service to demonstrate whatever products you have on offer. If it is something that a customer can try, like food and drink or a gadget, then let them try it as this creates a better impression. If you are a fashion retailer, why not have a catwalk?


You don’t need to sell the items there and then, but it is important that put the message about where you are across. Hand out flyers as this may remind people about you later on.

Social Media


In these digital days, it makes perfect sense to have a social media profile. But, don’t just drop adverts and run. Share tips related to your niche as well as any content that is useful and relevant to your customers. Build up a relationship and encourage interaction as this is the way that you will find a much greater reach.


What Comes Next?


Once you have the footfall through the door only a part of the battle is won. You will then need to convert those visitors into sales. You can do this by ensuring that you have the right product at the right price, merchandised in a way that is attractive and enticing. You will have to make sure that your customer service is helpful and friendly without being pushy. But you should make sure that you remember that you are there to sell, so focus on the features and benefits of your products and offering great advice. Once you have won the sale, think about ways that you can get repeat trade from that new customer!