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You’re probably able to maximize your savings by putting into practice the top 10 sites to earn extra money at home. Or maybe you religiously use sites like Ebates and TopCashBack (If not, you are throwing money away, go sign up now). I bet you’ve perused Thrive Market (they just keep getting better and cheaper!) and Amazon for the best deals on hard to find items. There is YET ANOTHER WAY to maximize your savings by buying used gift cards!

Buy, Sell, and Trade Gift Cards at Cardpool.com! Save up to 30%.

Buy, Sell, and Trade Gift Cards at Cardpool.com!

One of my favorite ways to use Cardpool is by buying used gift cards to places I frequently shop at as soon as they come up for sale.  Think Target, CVS, gas, groceries, etc.

I also recommend getting your restaurant and home improvement cards here!

Cardpool takes trades and will buy back cards you don’t want or need!  Then you can use that cash to pay off debt, put it in a savings account or re-invest in more gift cards at a discount.

Secrets of Successful Side Hustlers

Here’s a possible scenario of how much you can save using Cardpool:

  1. Go to TopCashBack.com and search for Cardpool.  Click on Get Cash Back.  You will get 2% cash back on gift card PURCHASES and 4% on gift card SALES
  2. Click on Get Cashback Now and you will be directed to Cardpool.
  3. Find a gift card you want (some are up to 30% off of the face value).
  4. Purchase the card with a zero interest introductory points credit card like Discover and get 1-5% cash back.  *NOTE – I do not recommend using credit cards if you can’t or won’t pay them off every month, but I do in fact use them now because I can get a rate of return 5 ties what a savings account would give me and I know when to STOP.  If you can’t say no or are not good with finances, stick with a debit card.  Some debit cards give you points too!  I don’t know you or your weak areas and only you can honestly decide if using a credit card is a wise stewardship method of increasing rate of return or not.  
  5. Once you get your card, go to Ebates or TopCashBack and find your store.  This will only work on online merchants like Gymboree, Target, etc.  Won’t work for grocery stores or gas stations obviously (but hey, you already saved a ton and can still use coupons!)
  6. Search retailmetnot.com for current coupon codes.  Or email ME (see contact tab).  As an affiliate for hundreds of merchants, I get exclusive deals and promo codes daily.  If you can’t find something online on sale, shoot me an email like “Hey Sherri, have any promo codes for Sierra Outfitters?”  If I do, I’ll send them back asap.  If not, I’ll let you know.
  7. Purchase your items using the coupon code (if applicable), the gift card and a points/cash back credit or debit card if there is a balance owed.

When you use all of these techniques, you can easily save 50% off in the form of cash back, points, coupons, and percentages off of the gift cards.

If you refer your friends, you’ll also get $10 at TopCashBack, at $20 at Ebates and $5 from Cardpool!

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