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For years, women have enjoyed a prominent role in the healthcare profession. The vast majority of nurses and supporting medical staff in the US are women. 


However, despite being a predominantly female industry, relatively few women hold senior leadership roles. Data suggest that less than 12 percent of women are CEOs of Fortune 500 healthcare companies, despite occupying some 60 percent of senior management roles in the industry. 


This issue isn’t just about equality, though: it’s also essential for wellness.


Data suggest that companies that have more female leaders on their executive teams tend to perform better than those that don’t. As the research presented in the following infographic shows, returns on equities are around 10 percent higher when there are more women on the board. 


It’s not just about shareholder returns, though. While healthcare companies need to make money, their primary reason for existing is to offer value to patients. If they can’t do that, then they won’t generate the kind of returns that indicate successful and sustainable business models. 


More women in senior positions, therefore, lead to higher productivity and better service on the frontlines. Companies in the sector that make use of female leaders tend to do much better than those who don’t bother. 


Achieving wellness is the modern world is challenging. Not only do we live in stressful environments, but we’re also exposed to all kinds of foods and substances that are bad for us. As the following infographic shows, small changes in the distribution of the workforce could result in a better quality of care for us all. 


Infographic by Bradley University