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When you have narrowed down the candidates you intend to hire for your business, you may well be struck with a dilemma or two. Certain candidates might have great qualifications, but they come over as arrogant or too hostile to criticism. Some candidates may be the total opposite, by not having amazing qualifications, but they are eager to be a sponge and learn as much as possible. Then you have the candidates that seem to have everything. They’re talented, smart, have a great resume, open to working with other people, but they lack the same vision you have for the business. Sometimes it just comes down to clashing over the big ideas and that can seal their fate in the process. So in the end, how do you know if any of them are worth the risk?

When they’re overqualified


The reason why most employers will actually overqualified candidates away is that they believe in a few things. The candidate will become bored and not passionate about a job they don’t find challenging. They will be too fast for the other employees at their level, i.e. finish tasks quickly and be left without anything to do. Or they will not stick around for very long because they’re using your business as a stepping stone or just filling a gap between unemployment. Depending on how they answer your questions of why they have applied for the job, you should give them a chance. Ask them questions about what they would like to achieve in the role. Sometimes candidates have recently changed their profession and would like to start a new career. They might also want to learn more about an industry they haven’t worked in.


A potential liability


It’s harsh but we have to admit it. We’re less likely to hire someone if they pose a health risk to your business. If they have far too many complications in their health due to factors they have brought on themselves, you will hesitate to hire them. Using a health record report, you can find out what kind of medical history they have. You can see more information here and learn how to retrieve their records quickly enough in the middle of the hiring process so you don’t waste any time. The flat fee is just $35 which is worth it because you stand to avoid a liability that could cost your business thousands. The records will be HIPAA compliant so you only receive information that is relevant to any burdening costs.


A little aggressive


Some candidates can seem aggressive in the interview. Don’t be put off by this as this can be a show of confidence. If every candidate cowed to scrutiny or criticism, we as business owners would be surrounded by a bunch of yes men. You need a little fire in their belly and willingness to stand up for their beliefs. 


If a candidate seems overqualified, don’t give up on them for fear they will be a short-lived employee. Some people choose to switch career paths and others want to learn more about a particular part of their favorite industry.