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Productivity is key when it comes to your business’ success. Of course, there will be a whole host of factors that drive profit, increase demand and increase production when you run any small business. You need an innovative product. You need to ensure you’ve completed market research to successfully package, price, market and advertise your product to your target demographic. You need to keep up to date with answering customer queries, complaints, and other administrative tasks. But one thing you need to remember throughout the entire process of running a small business, medium business, or large business is that time is money and you need to do your utmost to make the best use of your time at all times.


One huge time-saving measure is automation. There are various areas you can implement this into, but the first and most significant you should consider is industrial automation. This is automation applied to your production process, which will help you to create more products, more quickly at a low cost. This will increase your output and maximize the number of people you can cater to with your products. While there is a market out there for handmade, one-off pieces that someone has poured time and effort into, convenience is key for most consumers and the big money lies in being able to cater to and please as many people as you can at once. The infographic below will give you a run-through of the basics of industrial automation. You will then be able to apply the practice to your own company’s process and see your products firing off the production line in next to no time!

Infographic Design By University of California RIverside