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For those small ventures that have been hit hard by the global pandemic, a newer, more forward-thinking business model might be needed. It can be challenging as an entrepreneur to compete with your already well-established industry rivals at the best of times. Throw in Covid-19, a downturn in orders, a lack of footfall in the high street, and people watching their pennies, and you could be facing real financial hardship. However, outsourcing could be just what you need to add the necessary innovation to your business to help it survive. Yes, it might cost money, but can you afford not to invest in outsourcing?



The payroll of your business is probably the one aspect of your business that leaves you frustrated. Hunching over a calculator for three days every month trying to work out every pension contribution and tax obligation of your staff team while ensuring that they get paid the right amount and on time can take you away from other more pressing activities. You could, of course, buy in some accounting software to help. Or you could outsource this function to offsite payroll experts. These individuals will release you from the burden of payroll and will sort out the wages of your staff team. You can then work on implementing a more Covid-19 friendly business model to secure your future.



If your website is okay to look at, does it have the intuitiveness and simplicity needed to be successful? Your website needs to emulate your brand and company ethos. An outsourced designer can help you to achieve this. A marketing company will sit down with you to address and work out a plan to meet your online goals. If you want more traffic to your website, more orders, or greater levels of organic traffic, they will utilize their search engine optimization knowledge to ensure that your business achieves a superior online presence. And yes, all of this can start from the very basics of your website design.

Social Media


If you know your Facebook from your Twitter and you enjoy scrolling through your feeds in a personal capacity, this doesn’t mean that you are utilizing social media platforms effectively for your venture. An outsourced social media manager will hone your company voice, using a less stuffy and formal tone. They will post regular and relevant content on your behalf and will use the power of the hashtag to increase your online presence, develop your follower numbers, and enhance your global reach. You can develop digital marketing campaigns with your social media platforms at the center. They will link up your social media feeds to your website, respond to queries, and ensure that you offer high levels of customer service online.


Being a startup during a global pandemic is nerve-wracking. If the larger conglomerates are struggling, how can you be expected to survive? However, by outsourcing, you are tapping into expertise that can help you to diversify, adapt your business model, and thrive in a post-pandemic world.