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No matter what time of year it is, we all love sitting outdoors on a sunny day. Can I get an AMEN?!? So, I’m doing a “round-up” of great outdoor decorating idea posts from websites all across the web. When you work from home, you literally can work outside, at the park, at a favorite vacation spot, or pretty much anywhere you want (as long as the wifi is good).

You can scour craigslist, freecycle, garage sales, and curbs on garbage day to find free patio furniture, deck chairs, and planters. With some Dollar Tree spray paint, you can turn someone’s trash into treasure!

If you can’t run out and drop a few hundred dollars on outdoor decor and are looking for some Pinterest-worthy ideas for CHEAP, you’ve come to the right place!  Hopefully, these ideas will give you some inspiration to reduce, reuse, and recycle to save yourself some CASH! 

Ready to get started? Click on the links below.

Snapcreativity’s Summer Porch Ideas


Babble’s 10 DIY Spring Planters


Hometalk’s DIY Outdoor Curtains

Buzzfeed’s 41 Cheap and Easy Backyard DIY’s You Must Do This Summer

Better Homes & Gardens’ Budget Friendly Ideas for Outdoor Rooms

Listoic’s 17 Cheap and Easy Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do

Thrifty Little Mom’s Build Your Own Fire Pit With Free Materials

Sheridan Nursery’s Free Downloadable Landscape Plans

Premeditated Leftover’s How To Garden for Nearly Free

Toolcrib’s List of 52 FREE Plans for Outdoor Garden Benches

Refurbished Idea’s 20 Ideas for making Beautiful Furniture From Upcycled Pallets

What tips do you have for saving money when decorating outdoors?  

I’d LOVE it if you would share your ideas, pics, and links to related posts in your comment below!