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You might not even feel it but when you’re thinking of an idea, you’re working extremely hard. Great ideas don’t just pop out of thin air, they don’t assemble in your mind in an hour and bringing them to light doesn’t take only a week. Even to begin with, just sitting down with your most trusted and smart employees is going to be the start of a lengthy battle. The battle of ideas happens in every boardroom around the world. When that door shuts, CEOs and their fellow c-suite ranks are bitterly contested for their idea to be put forward and adopted. Although everyone else in the room is your ally, they are going to shoot holes through your idea if they can. Once everyone has agreed on an idea, a product or service is born. It now begins the journey of being created. Before you open the doors to the boardroom and announce it to the rest of the company, take a step back. Do you really want to release your intellectual property?

Do not disclose!

It’s imperative that as the business owner you forge contracts that distinctly exclaim that no c-suite employee is to share details their discuss with anyone other than those that also have that authorization. The consequences could be dire if you don’t. For example, you have just created an idea that looks like it’s going to solve a problem that consumers in the market have been yearning for. If a c-suite employee talks with a rival company or is overheard discussing sensitive information with someone else at a business conference, your idea could be stolen. Therefore every top-rank employee contract must have a non-disclosure agreement to sensitive information. At the beginning of every new product or creation, you should have a reminder signing that they know the sensitivity they are privy to.

A cast iron wall

Data protection is right at the forefront of any security plan. Intellectual property isn’t just one simple form, it comes in many different forms. A product mockup, a prototype, documentation, material testing, 3D animation, and video simulation are all the different types of forms intellectual property can exist in. So protecting the data that allows these different creations to be made, studied and realized is of the utmost importance. If you click here, you can see this company’s particular approach to intellectual property protection. Their ironclad security service has intrusion prevention systems (IPS), antivirus, antispyware and network security management.


Protecting your intellectual property from the outset is essential for success, particularly as a smaller entity relying on your invention for revenue generation. Using key and free online resources like PatentHacks.com will guide you through the process of drafting and filing a patent, so you can keep your invention safe and ensure you have an in-depth knowledge of what initially seems like a complex process.

A general hush policy

At the very start of the new idea process, you will need to make sure everyone who is privy to the details about to be shared or created with them knows their obligations. Employees that are specifically tasked with bringing your new inventions to life should be reminded that they must not speak to the media, their friends or family about their work. Only after the launch and release has been successfully made, can they answer questions about their hand in your new goods.

Intellectual property goes through so many transitory changes. From the birth of your idea in your mind, your business must work hard to contain all sensitive information about it so you have the best possible springboard to surprise the market.