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What is personal data? This is one of the questions that many people wonder about in detail. Personal data includes all kinds of information belonging to a real person, whose identity is known or can be determined. In addition to a person’s name and surname, date of birth and place of birth, physical characteristics, familial information, social, psychological, economic, cultural, etc. All information that expresses identity and contains concrete content is also considered personal data. In addition to all these, information such as fingerprints, resumes, phone numbers, photographs, voice recordings and videos belonging to the person is also within the scope of personal data. Many things can be stolen.

In many organizations, the importance of information security is considerably underestimated. However, the consequences of a lack of information security are serious. For example, a hack or leak can cause personal data to be exposed. By law, every organization is obliged to handle personal data according to certain rules. Any data breaches could lead to financial penalties or a loss of reputation which are both as damaging. 

Create awareness within your team.

An important aspect of information security is awareness among employees. You can set up so many security systems and draw up guidelines, if employees do not see the importance of this, these systems will not be able to do their job effectively. It is important to inform the people who play a role in the legislation. You should make sure that your team is aware of security and expect them to commit to a strict system to keep things safe. Compliance with the law is not something you can forget about. Radical changes may have to be made for this. So take the space for this and start on time. 


Internal training courses or lectures help to raise awareness for data protection within the organization. Find out what employees encounter and pay attention to this. In this way, you solve problems in the implementation of the information security policy effectively and create awareness among employees. If you work within the medical industry then it is vital to safeguard your patients’ data, the same way as you would if you worked within any other area where data is kept. 

Is Cybersecurity important? 

In a word, yes. Digital security encompasses almost all measures you take to protect computers and networks against disruptions, viruses, hacks, and the stealing of stored or transmitted data. Not only governments and large corporations are busy with it, but good internet security is also important for consumers and small and medium-sized businesses. That is why as an installer you must be able to include such security aspects in every type of system and every situation. If you have a breach of data, then you could lose a lot from your business as well as putting anyone on your system in jeopardy. You should seek to be incredibly proactive about all areas of security and take threats seriously for the future of your company and work.