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Welcome to episode 12 of This Is My Side Hustle, a podcast that discusses how to make more money, how to start a business, online marketing, lifestyle design, and optimization of your life in the present and for the future.

In this episode, I share several monetization strategies for bloggers and various methods I use to make money from my blogging efforts. Learn what you can expect if you’re hoping to have a blog side hustle or even transition into a full-time profitable blogging business. Remember, a business makes money, a hobby is a something you trade your time for that is not profitable.

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The links and resources mentioned in the episode are below:

The blog for MakingItPayToStay.com


Magic Links


My favorite affiliate networks:


Commission Junction



More sites and resources mentioned…

Siteground Hosting


Elegant Themes DIVI theme and builder

Google AdSense *I should have clarified that Google Ads (Adwords) are an amazing way to advertise, but Google Adsense (what I was trying to discuss) on blogs isn’t great. Sorry for the confusion!

Tailwind Pinterest Marketing

Freshbooks invoicing and bookkeeping

Gabi – Save money on insurance!

Credit Cards I Love – Go listen to episode 9

Making It Pay Lifestyle Course Waitlist

Etsy Instagram Templates (or get all of them for $49)

Udemy – Keep learning yinz, y’all, you guys, you know 😉 Just do it.

The Flipping Episode – in case you hate staring at a screen #myhusband

The Facebook Group where I’m desperate for some strong-willed extroverts to come and take over…

May sucks for parents. I know, I know, this is a stupid excuse, but…The Holderness Family agrees.

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Podcast Episode 12: Making Money From Blogging