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We’ve all heard the stories of what it’s like to work in a large company that treats its staff with respect; everyone gets plenty of attention from their managers and it helps to improve the office culture and provide employees with plenty of motivation to keep working hard. However, there’s nothing preventing that from happening to your business as well.


Taking care of employees is incredibly important regardless of what size your business is and in this article, we’re going to talk about a couple of practical ways to take care of your staff’s wellbeing.

Try to establish flexible working conditions for your staff


Being able to work at your own pace and on the days that you prefer is a huge bonus. Not every staff member is going to require flexible working hours, but those that do prefer to mix up where they work to accommodate for their other commitments, it’s vital that you give them the opportunity to set up more flexible work hours.


This can include enabling remote workflows with cloud technology or even establishing workflows where employees can choose certain dates to complete more work and take it easy on other dates. This can be difficult to establish depending on the type of business you run but it’s a great option if you’re a small business and are still looking for ways to boost your productivity in general.


Take more interest in your staff and their behavior


One of the biggest advantages that a small business has when it comes to managing employees is that managers and senior members can be more closely related to their staff. This means understanding when their other commitments are starting to bother them, when they’re not feeling well or when they’re stressed due to different factors.


Taking a greater interest in your staff means learning their habits and understanding when they’re having a bad idea. However, it can also help to reveal issues with their health by asking them directly or even using random drug testing to reveal if they’ve got problems that they’re unable to admit or have a hard time doing. The goal here is to not be too invasive and to focus more on helping your employees if you notice that they’re having difficulties.


Establish a productive working environment for your staff


Another way to take better care of your staff’s wellbeing is to be more proactive about establishing a positive working environment. Not only does this help to improve the general productivity of your business, but it can also help you protect your brand and promote yourself as an employer that cares about the wellbeing of their staff.


Establishing a positive working environment involves making sure that your employee’s needs are met (to a reasonable level) and removing distractions and other negative aspects that could be ruining the productivity of your team. This can even mean removing toxic employees from your business and firing anyone that is causing your positive team members to lose motivation in the workplace.