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If you’re a business owner, you’ll know that undergoing any big expenditure is a risk. Especially during the time of COVID-19, businesses are under immense strain to keep going through the crisis. With an economically unstable future ahead of us, many businesses will fail, and the companies that survive will nonetheless take a financial hit. Building a business from scratch takes work, determination, and perseverance – keeping it afloat takes even more elbow grease. From start to finish, running a business is a difficult process; the rewards, however, will hopefully outweigh the downsides. 


When your business operates in a physical space, be that a store, a restaurant, a construction site, or an office space, keeping it fresh and presentable is a taxing enterprise. The overall appearance of your business should match the feel and environment of the business itself. Not only this but keeping your business space safe, legally operating, and accessible is even more of a challenge. If these standards slip, it can be super difficult to get back on your feet. 

What Should I Consider When Planning To Refurbish?

Undergoing refurbishment is a long process for a business. There are many risk factors and financial considerations to be made before you begin. Here are some things to consider before you undergo a refurbishment.


  • Budgeting. The simple question is: what can you afford? Overstretching your budget when undergoing refurbishment is the last thing you should do. After all, you are responsible not just for yourself and your business, but your employees too. Making sure you stay within budget will better your business in the long run; shooting for the stars is not an option here. Take responsibility, and honestly draw up your business’ budgeting options before you take on refurbishment. 
  • What is the priority? Sometimes, if many things in your space need updating or rebuilding, you must list your priorities. Making a long-term refurbishment plan which allows, at some point along the line, all your improvements to be made, lets you see what should come first. 
  • Safety over appearance. If you are considering upgrading your business’ site, ensure all safety measures are properly enforced before you begin. Making foundational safety adjustments might not be exciting or glamorous, but these are absolutely essential to the continuation of your business. Make sure your safety net is there before you begin cosmetic refurbishments. 
  • Thinking long term. A major refurbishment will totally disrupt your business’ space. How will you accommodate it? If you run an office space, many of your employees might have to work from home during this time. If you run a business such as a store or a restaurant, you may be forced to close the business during the refurbishment. Factoring in these adjustments before you begin is vital. 


How Do I Begin My Refurbishment?

As mentioned in the above section, begin always with a safety evaluation. Take note of the accessibility of your business – is it wheelchair accessible? Is there safe parking? Are there any hazards? Am I complying with the health and safety laws in my area? All these questions demand attention when considering refurbishment. Your office space or store must be, above all, safe for your workers and clients alike. 


If you do need to make health and safety changes, it is important to take your time. Investing in good quality construction, for any project big or small, is fundamentally important. Taking the necessary steps to a safe workplace will put you in good stead in the future. 


The exterior of your business is a crucial factor to the overall essence of the company itself. To those outside the business, the exterior appearance and accessibility determine their first impression of your business as a whole. Like it or not, it’s vital that the exterior of your business is both safe and attractive to onlookers. 


If you are undergoing exterior construction, such as a parking lot, ensure you minimize risk by opting for a trustworthy contractor such as K&E Flatwork. Companies with years of experience and expertise behind them can provide you with great service without overstretching your budget. Likewise, if you are undergoing building work, ensure that your employees are kept safe at all times. 



Depending on the type of refurbishment you need, you may need to close the business or office space for a time while the work is being done. If the refurbishment is more of an update, for example, re-painting, adding decorative accessories, or a small repair job, this won’t be necessary. However, if your business needs new flooring or loud, disruptive construction on its interior, it is best to ask employees to work from home if they can. Not only are these kinds of repairs likely to interrupt the productivity of the workday, but they also might endanger the safety of your employees. 

Small Change, Huge Difference

Often, when companies look into a refurbishment, the cost just seems too great to manage. This is totally understandable – in this economy, risks are not exactly advisable. However, there are changes you can make to your business to create a change in the appearance and usability of your space. For example, re-arranging your office space to a different layout can actually boost productivity and provide a refreshing atmosphere to your company. 

Recent research shows that the quality of office space directly impacts the wellbeing of your employees. Making small, achievable changes to the way your office space looks and feels can have a massive impact on the productivity and overall wellbeing of all who work there. Even if your business is small and not ready yet for a total overhaul of its building space, you can tweak the place into a new lease of life! This will not only improve your business’ appearance but create the environment you need and deserve for your business to thrive at its full potential.