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Yes, it is difficult to save today, as the general situation has brought most people into great difficulty. We are all forced to reduce our expenses, to redefine our needs, but there are some things that if we pay attention to them, then we will be able to save some money. Some of us have side hustles and second jobs to fund their lifestyles but it isn’t always that easy. People may use bitcoin but the market is changing and therefore you may want to read about these effects after May. Here is how you can start to cut down on your finances: 

Beware of branded products because these are huge traps. There are some essentials from big companies that you may like very much, but they definitely cost more than others, which have exactly the same ingredients and come from smaller companies. This automatically means that they cost less, not always because they are inferior, but because they are not widely advertised. Especially when it comes to stationery and detergents, it is better not to choose brands, in order to save some money. Here are some other things to look at:


  1. Stop buying coffee from the coffee shops all the time. If you calculate how much money you give per month, you will quickly understand that you have to make it yourself at home. The money you will save is too much. 
  2. Try to keep your space organized and try not to buy useless things that will only end up in a drawer. This is going to be great for keeping costs (and debts) down.
  3. You must say “no”. It is not a shame to refuse an exit if you do not have more money. Learn to have a good time at home. Invite your friends home and have a good time without spending anything. 
  4. Do not go to the supermarket if you have not made your shopping list first. That way you will have control over your purchases, and you will not buy what you find in front of you. 
  5. A piggy bank can save you in difficult times. Make sure you toss any excess coins every day and you will see that at some point a sufficient amount has been collected.
  6. Eat healthier. For the most part, seasonal fruits and vegetables are cheaper. For example, strawberries cost less in the spring, while tomatoes and cucumbers are cheaper in the summer. In addition, off-season fruits and vegetables not only cost more but are kept fresh for less time. To save even more money, we buy fruits and vegetables from the popular supermarkets, where prices per kilo can be up to 50% cheaper than the supermarket. A walk in the lakes may seem like a waste of time, but saving money will no doubt reward you.
  7. Start cycling. Quite often we pass the car or the bus for no real reason. Do we always need it? If our work is 1 km from our house then we can walk it in a mere 10-15 minutes. In addition to saving money, we will also be good for our health!