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Improved productivity is something that every business strives for if they want to boost growth and take the next significant steps in the industry. To achieve this productivity, companies will discuss with consultants or try a variety of motivational methods to encourage its employees to put their foot on the gas. But these are not the only way to do so, and sometimes, they may not even work. If your office is struggling to keep productivity to a high, here are some shortcuts you can take for better productivity. 


Outsource Your Operations


Outsourcing is the number one way for your office to boost its productivity output, and in the modern world of business, there are more things you can outsource than what you can’t. 


This includes everything from a Quickbooks reseller to handle your accounting and finances to automatic software that automatically arranges your schedule to ensure you are never double-booked again. With these jobs out of the way, your office has time to spend on more pressing matters without feeling the stress of completing tedious tasks. 


Automate Your Marketing


In addition to outsourcing these tasks, you can also look at ways to automate your marketing efforts to give your team more time to consider the next move in your marketing strategy. While marketing automation might sound like something only the big wigs of business can do, free software such as Google Adwords and similar programs make it possible for all businesses great and small to analyze marketing data to see where they can improve. 


From segmentation to follow-up emails, marketing automation allows you to measure metrics to retain customers more efficiently. It’s also easy to set up, and if you’re unsure of which option to use, we’ve got a guide on the best marketing software for you to explore. 


Use an Easy Communication System


It may not seem like a lot while at the office, but you waste so much time moving to and from desks and waiting for colleagues to finish their current tasks. Instead of this face-to-face interaction, consider investing in a simple and straightforward communication system to get in touch with people on the other end of the office instantly. 


Any office dedicated to ensuring superb productivity should know about Slack and Skype. Like any instant messaging service, it brings with it immediate convenience, which will have a direct effect on productivity. 

Allow Regular Breaks


Forcing employees to sit at a desk for eight hours a day is no way to run a business, so allowing regular 5-minute breaks will help them clear their heads and get back to their desks with renewed vigor. However, it’s important not to let them take advantage of these policies, so be sure to keep a close eye on anyone who seems to be taking too many breaks. 


Shortcuts Are Not Always Lazy


The word ‘shortcuts’ conjures up images of being work-shy and shirking responsibility. In business, however, these shortcuts are vital for ensuring you can boost your productivity, ease the stress and pressure on your employees, and create a more satisfying office, which will do wonders for the next steps you want to take.