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Closely bonded teams relate to one another better and work with each other more efficiently, so you should never forego those activities that could bring them closer together.


There are lots of ways to encourage team bonding and improve team spirit, and below are just some of the things that you might want to consider. 


#1: Do more together after work


Employee socials are a great way to improve team bonding, so consider doing something together every so often. It might be that you all go out for a meal at a fancy restaurant, or you could go paintballing or laser questing. These are just a few ideas, but consider the people in your team and think about the things they might enjoy. Be sensitive to activities some of your team may hate, and try not to eat too much into their personal time if they have other commitments after work. Talk to them and find out what they like to do and when they might like to do it!


#2: Spend a weekend away


When your business has profited, treat your employees to a weekend away. This is one way to get them all together for an extended time, though you might want to invite their partners too if you can afford it. You could book them a stay in a swanky hotel, and treat them to an afternoon with a corporate yacht charter. Or you could rough it in the wilds with a survival weekend, as this is a surefire way to get your team to rely on one another. But whatever you do, make sure it’s fun, and give your employees the opportunity to share their ideas when planning a company weekend.


#3: Volunteer as a team


Volunteering is good for business. Not only will the community see your business’s caring side, but it also gives your employees an opportunity to do something else together. They could spend a few hours assisting at a homeless shelter, or they could take part in a community cleanup activity, as just two examples. There are bound to be all kinds of other ways to help charitable causes, so find out what is happening near you. Again, talk to your team, as they might have charities in mind that they are keen to support. 


#4: Have more fun in the office


All fun and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and it might make Jill uncommunicative too! So, bring them both together and anybody else in your team whose name doesn’t start with the letter J, and let them have some fun. Organize games occasionally, encourage friendly competitions, and celebrate birthdays and other anniversaries. When your team is happier, they will be more likely to engage and enjoy spending time with one another, so when time permits, do anything that can be constituted as fun. There are lots of ideas here if you need any inspiration. 


Team bonding is good for business, so try to do as much as you can to encourage it in your workplace. Consider our ideas and then get together with your team to find out their ideas too. Happier employees and greater productivity should be the consequence of the steps you put in place.